Dance Moms: RENEWED!…But…

I’m going to make this post brief…a new Project Runway blog will be posted later tonight…I’m exhausted, but it will get done…
Yes, even as the first season is winding up, I think…Lifetime announced this week Dance Moms will get a second season with 13 new episodes.  I’m still puzzled as to when this season will end, since last night’s episode featured Nationals…next week’s “we’re going back to LA” episode is number 12….I’m dying to see if they did a reunion show and I’m sure other fans would love to see one.  Because there are so many burning questons:  Which girls have quit?  Is Abby really that crazy?  Will Cathy and her Candy Apples be back?  Why did Maddie and Mackenzie’s Dad show up?  Will Pastor Dawn be back? and Who is the real Laquifa????
I’m no Nostradamus, but I bet none of the girls (or their Moms) have quit now that the show has been renewed.  Contrary to popular belief, reality show participants do get paid.  Why do you think there is always contract negotiations drama at Bravo with the various Real Housewives?  I wouldn’t be surprised if a “Mom” quits because she doesn’t get a bigger check.  And you know Abby will see a pay hike!  She’s the new villain of the reality world.  Well, she’s a villian with a heart of gold and a possible undiagnosed bi-polar disorder.  But I kid.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Thank you Lifetime!

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