Project Runway, Season 9 Finale Part Two (The End!)

This night is extremely busy, however, this season’s final blog/analysis must go on.  Let’s not waste any time….
-Anya reflects on getting in by the skin of her teeth…Josh hates that Anya made it through and he should…the finale can be a disaster with 4 showing at Fashion Week….
-Tim loved some things that the judges didn’t…but he didn’t like Anya’s, duh!…”a tremendous gift”, $500 budget for Mood…all four designers will be doing some heavy editing…Anya’s strategy? Free for all!, but she will be using her new fabrics with the same looks she put up on the runway last week, not good.
-Kimberly wants to make her bubble skirt in black instead of the bright pink from last week…Viktor is adding instead of subtracting…”I’ll make a tank top.” Josh has some bright lime green shorts?!?…I didn’t expect anything less…and he wants to use the same fabric to make more…he needs to work on what he has…oh, here come the tears thus breakdown.
-Hammer Viktor?…”you gotta grab the handle and stir (steer) the motorcycle”…Josh has mellowed out, but just wait until Gunn comes back….make-up montage…Kimberly’s “booty skirt” is not coming together…Anya explains away her impulsive fabric purchases; will she phone it in?…yeah, Tim is not a fan of Josh’s bright shorts, no “sophistication”…

(Not so much)
-Josh’s head is spinning over Tim’s critique, I think he just has to go with his gut…Kimberly has a lot of work to do…Anya continues to make new pieces; it just looks like they will be drab…Viktor has some questionable editing going on, will it kill his chances to win?…Anya is still cutting hems, will she make it? Too late now.
-Runway morning…Viktor is most nervous about talking to the crowd…Josh puts on his mascara girl…”Project Runway brought to you by…Coldwater Creek”?!?

(Josh McKinley before Project Runway)
-Project Runway All-Stars promo “coming in 2012″…DRAT!
-Kimberly has lost her “kit”, uh oh!…Anya to the rescue and she’s sewing her models into their garments…aren’t we past this?…and it’s time….
-Heidi introduces the judges…guest judge is L’Wren Scott…??????
-Kimberly is first…lots of blue…she ended up keeping the booty skirt in its original color, I’d say a good move…good, fairly cohesive…up next, Josh Mac….it’s definitely him…it’s good, no need to edit.
-Viktor’s turn…yep, how can he lose???…I think this marks the first time we’ve seen the designers watch their looks go down the runway from backstage, cool…unless Anya wows, which she won’t, it’s Viktor’s!…Anya is last but not least…nice tropical music…this is better than I thought it would be and it’s extremely cohesive…all the long gowns remind me of Uli from season 3…
-Jay McCarroll “although I don’t like his attitude, I like Josh’s…” Hilarious!
-Judgement time…Kimberly is getting good marks…even the booty/bubble skirt…Josh next, Michael “schizophrenic”..and it was good…wow, I don’t know who is going to win it…Nina “most-improved” to Josh…on to Viktor, Michael “too much transparency”, but he still likes it…I love his prints, they are very ink blot…Anya’s looks too simple, many gowns have the same neckline…great opening gown, I agree…it’s not realistic enough to sell…oh the “why should you win?” question…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Who wins terrible Adam Sandler movie?)
-This could be a surprise win for….Kimberly is out, awwww…VIKTOR IS OUT?!?!?…uh, I think who’s going to win now….damn!
-And the winner is….ANYA AYOUNG CHEE…I didn’t see that coming!…impressive…well, it’s been real…if and when Project Runway All-Stars airs, I’ll be back…

American Horror Story IS The Anti-Glee

I think I can now officially forgive Ryan Murphy.  All of the drama with GLEE, Chord Overstreet leaving (then returning), an unconfirmed spin-off for Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, and Chris Colfer, The Glee Project process, it’s all been erased with his new FX series American Horror Story.  The show is chilling, it has its dark comedy moments, it has Jessica Lange in her first TV series (she rocks!); in other words, it’s brilliant.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard of the concept: a Boston family in crisis uproots and they relocate to a haunted LA mansion to start over.  How many movies/tv shows have been based on a similar scenario?  Plenty.  The one I compare AHS closest to is The Amityville Horror which was based on a true story.  
You have a child, Addy, played by Jamie Brewer, who has Down Syndrome and she kicks off the story in the 70s by telling these red-headed twin boys “you’re gonna die in there!” when they go into the haunted house to trash the place and then, they mysteriously die.  Each episode begins with a incident that occurred at the house in the past.  Addy’s mother Constance, played by a fiercely sharp-tongued Lange, is in on whatever has happened in the house of horrors.  To be fair, if you have been watching, a lot has been revealed in just three episodes; this week’s episode entitled, what else, “Halloween”, is in two parts and it will mark the first appearance of Zachary Quinto (he’s everywhere!) as a previous owner of the “Murder House”.  On Halloween, FX will air the first four episodes, this would be a great time join the terror!  Or if you have On-Demand service, you can catch up that way too.  
Oh, yes, what about the family?  The Harmons have been messed with by the house from day one.  Ben, played by Dylan McDermott, is in trouble the most so far; he seems to keep losing time and he might be harming and/or killing his patients.  My opinion.  His wife Vivien played by my new celebrity crush Connie Britton,
OH God, she is hot! (
she also is in a great bit of danger.  Another image from the first episode, Vivien goes through a “traumatic miscarriage” and guess what?  whoever that rubber-suited guy in the poster is got it on with her and she’s now pregnant.  Rounding out the Harmon clan is the modern day Wednesday Adams or Lydia from Beetlejuice daughter Violet played by Taissa Farmiga (as far as I’ve investigated, Farmiga is NOT related to actress Vera Farmiga), she’s curious and she’s perfectly fine with the family staying in the house.  Two other key characters are the long-time housekeeper Moira played by Frances Conroy and Tate Langdon, played by the creepy Evan Peters.  Ben seems to always see a much younger and sexier Moira he keeps trying to resist her.  Tate, on the other hand, originally showed up as one of Ben’s patients, he befriended Violet, then he was dismissed by Ben, now he’s just hanging around…something isn’t right here.  One thing is clear, Constance, Moira, and Tate are all part of the murderous history of the house and another former tenant, Larry Harvey, played by Denis O’Hare (what’s with the horror streak man?) keeps hounding Ben about getting out of the house.  He’s probably a ghost, as the others probably are too.  It’s good stuff!
American Horror Story airs Wednesday nights at 10E/9C on FX….the AHS Halloween marathon starts at the same time this coming Monday night…are you scared yet?

Chord Overstreet Will Return To GLEE!

I’m not sure why I used an exclamation point, but yes, Chord Overstreet will be returning to GLEE as recurring heart throb Sam Evans AKA “Trouty Mouth” starting in December.  I would say The Glee Project might have had something to do with Sam getting a pink slip in the first place.  Okay, so he wasn’t fired, but he wasn’t interested in coming back if he wasn’t given “regular cast member” status.  By the way, Damian McGinty, who tied for The Glee Project win will make his first appearance on the show next Tuesday as an Irish (yep!) exchange student who moves in with Brittany and her family.  McGinty will be the second GP member to appear on the show.  Lindsay Pearce (UGH!) appeared in the season premiere.  It’s not been determined as to when co-winner Samuel Larsen or runner-up, and my favorite, Alex Newell, will pop up on the show.  I would say after the holidays or maybe during a sweeps period.  It’s good to see Ryan Murphy has some sense and a heart.  I have yet to write about his new bad-ass show, American Horror Story, but don’t worry, I will; I may make it a Halloween post.  Stay tuned!

Project Runway, Season 9 Finale Part 1

Well, before we start, an important news flash, it was reported today that the premiere of Project Runway All-Stars has been delayed and it will now air sometime in 2012.  No reason has been given and next in line to air is Project Accessory which debuts next Thursday night after the part two of the Project Runway finale.  So I’m a little bummed but I’m also a little relieved; I’ll get a nice long PR break for a couple of months.  I’m just scared that when All-Stars ends, a new season of the regular show will kick in.  Simmer down now!  (Update: the Cardinals just lost Game 2, but it’s cool…I will go on..)
-Heidi makes a funky smiling gesture…don’t want to see that again…only 3 go on to Fashion Week yada-yada-yada…$9,000 to create a 10 look collection…and here’s the Gunn…the home visits, I can’t wait!…packing up to go leave montage…zzzzzzz
-“3 weeks later”…Gunn goes to Kimberly’s first…what a cute blue studio!…Kimberly’s inspiration is Brooklyn then and now, cool concept…”Wow them!”…let’s eat!, oh wait, drink!…Kimberly is inspired by her late mother….she wants to be the first African-American winner…we’ll see…
-Trinidad????…visit to Anya…and Tim is wearing the same suit…one of Anya’s brothers is named “Yves”…fate?…more alcohol!…Tabago, Trinidad’s sister island, is Anya’s inspiration…all she has to show Tim is fabric, no clothes???…are we surprised?…D’oh!  Anya “hasn’t been able to draw a new shape”…huh?…and Tim reminds her she can’t have any help, hmmmm?…
-Back to NYC to check in with Viktor…Tim loves his gray suits!…Viktor’s inspiration is Mexico…man, all of these designers have suffered a major loss…so sad…Tim “Knock their effing socks off!”…we meet Viktor’s boyfriend David, awww!…beverage of choice is water…Tim moves onto Queens to check in with Josh…(dark suit this time)…we meet Josh’s sister…”sports!?!?”…he had a lot of “track and field scholarship” offers…well…Josh is also lagging behind in garment creation…crazy prints!…”sherbert-y”…he’s giving Tim fits…”where’s the sex??, this looks like ‘Farmer in the Dell'”…oh boy…
-Well, normal routine, the designers are all back in NYC for Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week…I must say, the penthouse they are staying in is the best looking I’ve seen on the show; big outdoor space…champagne bitches!…
-And the garments are revealed…let the judgement begin…Final challenge, create a 3-look mini collection…Viktor has the strongest pieces…Anya’s are too basic…Josh is having a mini-meltdown…Kimberly needs cohesion…no wow factor with Anya, and she’s losing her confidence…
-Everyone but Viktor is tweaking their collections…if I had to bet right now, and I don’t know the outcome; I stayed off Twitter and I focused on the ballgame…I would bet either Josh or Anya doesn’t make it to Fashion Week…we’ll see…Anya is frantically sewing…Kimberly is switching things up…aww, Viktor used the term “fierce”…
-Runway show…no guest judge…Viktor: lots of different textures, pretty fierce…Anya: too safe, not cohesive enough…Kimberly: oh, not as good as I thought it would be, and the cohesion is a little off…Josh: not terrible, a little wacky, and he held back on the crazy prints…
-First up, Anya…Nina and Heidi are sold on her dress, they hate the bathing suit and the gown, “unfinished” Michael-“it looks tortured”…styling is too old…she hasn’t fully embraced her roots…Kimberly…Michael likes it, too many accessories…”club foot?”, Heidi hates the “bubble butt” skirt, I agree…maybe she didn’t make the right choices…Viktor…who knew styling would be such a sticking point?…Heidi tries on Viktor’s jacket…he’s too “tricky”, he needs to edit big time…Josh…again, the judges are harping on styling…ooh, the back of Josh’s gown, not good!…edit!…
-So who’s out?…it’s a toss-up with the exception of Viktor…Josh makes it!!!!  Viktor, yep! Damn, I hope they don’t pull the “we’re going with all 4 after all” crap!…
AUF’ED: NO ONE!!!!…I knew it!…I hate when they do this…GRRRRRR!…Josh is pissed!
*Next week: Finale Part Deux*

The X Factor: Try And Keep An Open Mind (I Will Too!)

Meet 18-year-old Melanie Amaro, who I’m predicting (unless she has a really bad night) will win the first ever US edition of The X FactorBut here’s what happened when the 16 finalists were revealed last night, in one of the first segments, Girls’ mentor and overlord Simon Cowell told Amaro she didn’t make the cut.  When I read that, because I work evening hours and I almost never get to watch any of my shows live (forgive me if I’m repeating myself), I could NOT believe it.  In fact, Cowell realized he “made a mistake” and called Amaro to invite her back into the competition as his FIFTH girl, so we have a total of 17 finalists.  Oh the controversy!  Here’s who Cowell told she did make it when Amaro was told no:
One of the competition’s youngest singers, plucky 13-year-old, Rachel Crow.  I love her, but I don’t think she can win.  At her age, her voice just hasn’t matured into what it could in a little as two years.  But her charm and her personality are priceless.  Maybe she’ll catch the eye an acting scout, because she could definitely lean in that direction.  One other controversial choice got Cowell’s seal of approval.
Justin Bieber lover, 14-year-old Drew Ryniewsicz.  I call a little foul on this choice, simply because Caitlin Koch or Jazzlyn Little both had a better shot. And I’m not thrilled Cowell has given Tiah Tolliver a chance; she’s annoying and she may have divided the judges in the initial auditions, but she doesn’t have it.  I mean would he have eliminated her and then called her back???  I’m not so sure.  Same goes for Simone Battle; too much attitude; as you recall, she proclaimed herself to be “fierce” about a billion times before she actually got on stage at the auditions.  UGH!  Over it.
Here’s another issue I have with the show.  Why is there a “groups” category when we all know a group will not win.  God bless Paula Abdul; I knew she would be assigned to mentor the groups.  Do I sense a little shade?  And out of the groups that made the finals, I don’t see one that has a chance; I mean the Brewer Boys???  And both of the “thrown together” groups, made up of rejects from boot camp both made the finals, hmmmmm?  Producer intervention perhaps?  In short, I don’t like any of the groups!
As far as LA Reid’s Boys finalists, it’s a little shocking that both country singers, Tim Cifers and Skyelor Anderson were not given a pass to the finals.  What is Simon Cowell doing?  I know he’s not on American Idol anymore, but did he notice 2 country singers made the finals and the winner, Scotty McCreery, debuted his album at the top of the charts last week???  I understand Cowell is trying to top his old show, but I think he’s missing out if he doesn’t take country music a little more seriously, and to be honest, he never has, big mistake! 
The “Over 30s” could end up being the most interesting category to watch.  But I admit, it’s another category that could have easily been pushed aside.  I only have one bone to pick, this guy:
I’m not a fan of Dexter Haygood and he’s not even the oldest in the category; Leroy Bell is 60!  I don’t think he gets it.  It can pay off to be yourself, but it doesn’t pay off when you can’t tweak your style to appease a 21st century audience.  I think this is another case of the producers calling the shots, simply because of Haygood’s homeless to Hollywood story. Haygood was once part of the 80’s funk rock group Xavion, I don’t remember them.  Enough said.  But who knows, he may kick it up and he may dazzle America. 
The X Factor live shows begin after the World Series (GO CARDINALS!) on FOX.
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Demi? You In Danger Girl!

This is Demi Moore at the premiere of her latest film, Margin Call, which also stars another recent news maker, newly out Zachary Quinto.  Whether or not her husband, Ashton Kutcher, did in fact cheat is still in question.  Of course, I’ve always had reservations about their relationship; I mean seriously, why are we just now hearing that Kuchter might have cheated for the first time in their five year marriage???  It’s not adding up.  I’m not saying Demi is a dog, she’s held up well, but she’s getting up there.  The actress will turn 50 next year.  And if Demi isn’t eating because of the stress, that’s not cool.  And personally, I’ve never liked Kutcher, on screen or off.  The Two and a Half Men gig is a joke and the ratings are not what the powers that be thought they would be post-Charlie Sheen.  
As for Moore, I’ve never liked her either.  One thing I always say is she’ll NEVER win an Oscar, but who knows?  Maybe in her old age, she will come across one of those great parts she can really sink her teeth into.  (I just chuckled!)  If you read the synopsis of Margin Call, it’s quite a mirror of what Moore is going through.  It’s basically about a big investment bank that falls apart within 24 hours, which is what happened with the financial crisis of the last few years.  Maybe Moore can Occupy Kabbalah or just plain old Wall Street, either way, she needs a break or at the very least, a good hearty meal.  NOW!
(Image courtesy of Splash News)

Project Runway, Season 9 Episode 12…(Yes, I already know goes home)

Yeah, I was spoiled by my sister today as to who didn’t make the final four…it’s okay, and I have to say I’m not surprised….My apologies to this being later than I planned on.  Never before has an episode fallen on my birthday, so I had to celebrate, plus the Major League baseball playoffs are going on (GO CARDINALS!) so the TV was set in my house with no channel-surfing allowed.  Let’s just act like I don’t know what happens, that’s how I’m going to approach it, and let’s have fun…oh and I only have one picture to share this week…
 Former supermodel Beverly Johnson is just one of the many celebrities I share my October 13th birthday with.  I figured it was an ode to the world of fashion and that’s all you are getting!  I’m going in with words only…let’s do it….
-Josh-“it’s sad to lose Bert.” REALLY????…and he’s already hating on Anya, you know the one hasn’t sewed very long?…geez…
-I love how the designers can’t say hello until Heidi does…stupid…final challenge is on the horizon, literally; the final 5 have jumped on a ferry to meet Tim for all the details…
-Governor’s Island “NYC’s playground for the arts”…the designers will use the landscape for inspiration and they will be creating three looks, a mini-collection…Tim “you each have a golf cart!”
-Driving around montage…what exactly are cigarette pants?…all the sculptures are really cool, and it’s unusual they are placed all around this stereotypical park….
-I can already see way too much literal interpretation coming up with the designs…especially with the color selection…uh oh, Tim comes in with the button bag!…twist alert!
-I believe each designer will be getting a little help from ex-competitors…the last 5 eliminated…Kimberly chooses Becky…Viktor chooses Olivier…LK chooses Anthony Ryan…Anya chooses Bert?!?…and Josh gets Bryce…
-It’s weird how this isn’t really classified as a team challenge, because anyone of these fools could f-up things….Bryce senses a lot of tension between the final 5….Bert thinks Anya is the “most talented and creative (designer left)”…hmmm?…Olivier “slave is the correct term here…” OUCH girl!…bitter, party of one!…and Josh is still pissed Anya won last week’s big $20,000 challenge…
-Bert is recognizing Anya doesn’t sketch exactly that well…first check-in with the Gunn…LK: circle stencil, too much of a novelty…Kimberly: fabrics are really weird together, “what’s the Statue of Liberty doing here?”…Viktor: nothing but praise…Josh: “soft and hard”, take risks…Anya: he likes her colors…
-Kimberly’s model has ass-chaps on…oops!…she has to change her game plan again…well Bert is basically showing Anya how to sew…it will be interesting to see what happens if she makes the finale…LK, here come the tears, she stared sewing when she was 8, this is her “destiny”…
-Kimberly is killing her ass chaps, going for a skirt instead…poor Becky, but could she have worked with any of the other finalists? NO…Viktor is very confident and he thinks he and Josh will be going to fashion week…Anya is even behind the curve on hair and make-up styling terms…
-Josh shares Viktor’s optimism on their chances for fashion week…Anya is fitting at the very last minute…oh God…lots of flaws…Josh rolls his eyes…
-I don’t get why this “After The Runway” show just started last week; I’m not watching it… runway show guest judge: Zoe Saldana, ooh, I like!
-Showtime…Josh: studded tank top, all the looks are good, not sure how cohesive it is…Kimberly: nice, cohesive…Laura Kathleen: lack of cohesion, too literal…Anya: sexy, sleek, she still has a lot to learn….Viktor: not too flashy, cohesive…
-Heidi just asked Josh if he used the gown fabric because it was “shiny”?…that’s a little rude…Kimberly’s color pallet, Michael “disco Halloween”…Laura Kathleen turns on the waterworks, oh dear…yeah, no cohesion…ooh, Zoe being harsh on her…the judges are wowed by Anya (so weird!), and her styling skills…Heidi thinks Viktor does the best sewing in the competition, but she and the others are a little underwhelmed…Michael thinks Viktor’s are the most “commercial” which is the goal in becoming a major designer, selling clothes!…Who would you take to Fashion Week? Josh would pick Viktor and Anya; Kimberly would pick Anya and LK (3 ladies), Anya would pick Josh and Viktor, LK would pick Viktor and Anya, Viktor would pick Josh and Anya…Anya’s name came up in every other designer’s final 3…
-The verdict?…Going to Fashion Week: Anya, Viktor, Josh….I think one more will be picked (who am I kidding? I know who isn’t going!)
AUF’ED: Well, our little Western Kentucky University graduate Laura Kathleen Planck will not be showing at Fashion Week, but kudos for making it to the final 5…Kimberly is the 4th, only 3 will compete…so one will be cut in next episode…
Next Week: Part one of the finale, sorry again for being so late!

Project Runway, Season 9 Episode 11 (The Bird is the Word!)

I’ll be so happy when this season is over and Project Runway All-Stars returns…mark your calendars for November 3rd!  Yep, still on Thursday nights.  I was discussing with a friend the other day who has a chance to win this season.  I don’t want to drag up the whole “the show isn’t as good since it switched from Bravo to Lifetime” but I think I have to.  Personally, I see Viktor as the clear frontrunner, with maybe Bert (yes I said it) and Anya (if she can still sew beyond her skill level) are not far behind.  I know Josh, Laura Kathleen, and Kimberly are capable of producing good pieces, but all of their stocks have fallen in the past few weeks.  Oh yeah, this week’s inspiration? BIRDS!…Let’s get to it…
-LK standing up for Anthony Ryan; she is realizing how serious the competition is now…Viktor thinks Josh can beat him, I don’t think so.
-Viktor: “My wings are spread girl!”…the designers are thinking the challenge is about skydiving…oh boy…oh they are “exotic birds”…is Collier Strong also a bird wrangler?…design a high fashion look and the winner will also get a L’Oreal Paris avertorial in Marie Claire magazine…and the winner will also get $20,000!…designers will be paired: Anya/LK(Raven), Josh/Bert(Amazon Parrot), Viktor/Kimberly(Cockatoo)…AND each pair is competing head-to-head…I’m assuming the top winner in each head-to-head will be the in top, and bottom 3 will be the 3 losers…
-Bert is not inspired by the parrot…Kimberly used feathers in a previous challenge…Josh just licked some fabric, nasty…he has some bright feathers…
-Bert hates the green he has to use, too literal to the bird…Viktor will be doing a lot of work…Tim Gunn appears…there’s ANOTHER dimension to the challenge????

(C’mon man!)
-Design a second high-fashion look inspired by your bird, so back to Mood…but this will separate the good from the bad…did I see a hood on Bert’s????…NO pun intended!
-Josh “I close my eyes and feel the fabrics.”…huh?…the time limit will remain the same for the challenge…
-Kimberly is “intimidated” by Viktor; no time for intimidation girl…Bert vs. Josh could be the most contrasting…LK loves her some hot rollers!…
-Kimberly looked like she was humping her dress form for a minute…she just wanted to lower it…whew!…a roach has invaded the work room!…Gross!
-Make-up consultation with the bird wrangler, Collier Strong…Bert is getting along with everyone finally…I’m telling you, he’s the dark horse!..
-Josh has a lot of loud colors, which I guess is appropriate for a tropical bird, but it could get out of control…the focus thus far seems to be on Kimberly…she’ll probably end up in the bottom, but you never know with the clever editing on this show…and now she has driven a needle through her finger…there is blood…she’s having a breakdown…

(I don’t think we’ll see any head pieces, but that’s a bad-ass looking bird!)
-Kimberly’s breakdown continues…she’s had a lot of loss in her life…awww..
-Josh looks like he is starting over on both looks? or just one?…”I don’t need yo fabric”…there’s no helping out now…although Bert is helping Anya out a little…remember, she’s only been sewing for 4 months…Tim is not liking LK’s…Anya’s armholes are not even…if she loses, it won’t be surprising…Tim speaks French and Josh doesn’t understand…”too crafty”…Kimberly’s confidence is sinking…$20,000 could “180” Josh’s life…as it could mine, but I don’t sew…model fittings…yawn!..and Kimberly’s woes continue, she burns a hole through her fabric with a glue gun…she need a miracle!

(Now that’s how you do a RAVEN)
-Runway day…and Kimberly is back on track…and she has copied Viktor’s silhouette…Tim has another special announcement!…”only one of your two looks will walk the runway”…WHAT?…so now it’s about the designers choosing the right look to send down the runway…this might be the most twists in one episode ever…Josh has to edit, not his strong suit…Kimberly wants to beat Viktor, she might…hair and make-up stuff…
-Anya is having trouble getting her dress on her model…we’ll see.

(But what about the owl???)
-Runway Time!…guest judge: Francisco Costa (?)…Viktor vs. Kimberly…the dresses look almost identical, Kimberly has a nice silhouette, but I think Viktor has the edge…Bert vs. Josh…Josh’s is a little too simple, Bert’s is more detailed…LK vs. Anya…I’m undecided…Anya’s has better lines…LK’s is too tight…
-LK vs. Anya…the judges love Anya’s…Nina declares it her favorite Anya has made?!?…wow…LK, Nina likes it too, but the feathers and tight leggings are too much…is our Western grad in trouble???…Michael “it verges (on) costume-y”…Anya wins…
-Bert vs. Josh…Bert…Michael “Wonder Woman weird!”…Nina is disappointed, she is troubled by the silhouette…and Bert agrees with all the critiques…he’s weird…Josh…Michael “she had to get the ‘drunk a a party in the Caribbean corsage’ on”…that is a mistake…Josh wins…
-Viktor vs. Kimberly…did Viktor burn Kimberly’s dress???…the judges like it, look could be too matronly…they can’t believe she made it in 3 hours…Nina “beauty pageant”…Viktor…he’s short!…Michael thinks it’s too literal…Heidi notices Kimberly’s imperfections…Kimberly wins!!!! (editing!!!!)

(I want this on a t-shirt!)
-What is this “After the Runway” show???…I won’t be watching…too many other things to get to…
-Anya wins the challenge!…bold prediction, she will be in the finals…Josh is safe, he’s pissed Anya’s model had to be cut out of her garment, again…Kimberly and Viktor are safe…
AUF’ED: BERT!!!!…GO BIG RED!!!!!…wow!
*Next week: UH, hello?????…well, this After The Runway show started with no explanation of next week…????…well, until then…

GaGa by Lifetime????

I suppose we knew this was coming sooner or later but Lifetime is going to produce a bio-pic about Lady GaGa.  Why?  This news comes hot on the heels of Amanda Knox’s exoneration AFTER her spotlight in the LIfetime real life rotation (UPDATE, the network is re-airing the film next Tuesday night, a week after Knox’s guilty verdict was overturned with added sentences before and after).  What the hell happened to Hayden Panettiere anyway?  
Anyway, back to GaGa.  The UNAUTHORIZED film will be based on the UNAUTHORIZED biography entitled Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady GaGa.  Nice.  The book was written by New York Post writer, Maureen Callahan.  Yeah, that sounds trustworthy.  So this means without GaGa’s approval or involvement, the casting could be really difficult.  Ya think?  To be fair, GaGa’s story is pretty film-worthy, but is it Lifetime-worthy?  I would hate to see GaGa’s story get skewered like another pop diva’s.  Oh how must we forget Madonna: Innocence Lost, UGH!  The blame lies with FOX TV, not Lifetime, on that disaster.  So who will take on the role of Mother Monster?  GaGa has said in the past she would like Marisa Tomei to play her, but isn’t Tomei like too old; she’s 46 going on 47.  I never quite got that logic.  I would like to see an actress who can, in fact, sing and dance, but let’s remember, this is Lifetime, the production budgets are nowhere near the amounts seen for big Hollywood productions.  And you don’t always see big name actresses gracing the Lifetime screen.  If the movie succeeds or fails, it will all be on the casting.  Someone who can pull off the look now AND the look then:
And who knows?  Once GaGa hears about this, it may not get a toe off the ground.  I’m sure we’ll read her about her reaction very soon!  Oh boy.

Video Deconstruction: New Kids On The Block "Step By Step"

For some reason today, I decided to YouTube some New Kids’ videos, why?  Story time!  Back in the day, I cannot believe I use that phrase now, and how far back?, oh 21 years ago.  I was a “Blockhead” but I don’t think I was the biggest one.  I attended a NKOTB concert in Evansville, IN when I was in 8th Grade and I was mesmerized.  To be fair, the Step By Step album had not been released yet; my friends and I saw the New Kids on the cusp of their biggest success.  And after this success, things started to decline.  The boys grew up, there were lip-synching accusations, and well, pop music just started to disappear when Grunge Rock took over in late 1991.   
I remember the days I could sleep in on Saturdays, but the World Premiere of the “Step by Step” video was going to air on MTV at say, 7am ON A SATURDAY?!?  Oh that didn’t matter, I was a fan, and if I had to wake up at 3 am to see this video, I would have done it, no complaints.  As I was reminiscing this afternoon, I decided to take a closer look at the video I couldn’t miss.  So here’s a few screenshots from this 1990 classic:
Yes, we all know Jordan Knight was/is the real star of the group so he gets the first shot, but what’s up with the pose?
 Donnie Wahlberg on his motorcycle; he was my favorite New Kid and he turned out to be the biggest troublemaker of the group.  Does the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville KY ring any bells?  I don’t tell a lot of people this, but I tried to get my hair to look like his, complete with the ponytail.  No, I’m not gay at all.
See? Troublemaker and the designated daredevil of the group.  I really hate I missed the Magic Summer Tour, you remember, you supposedly could open a Coca-Cola can and a 100 dollar bill would pop out of it?  I never found one. But man, do I love a cold Coke!
Ah the routine on the steps.  I perfected it and since I now have a set of stairs outside and inside at my new place, I’m tempted to try it again, only they face the opposite way from the ones in the video.  Challenge?
At this point, the video changes to some monochromatic color format.  Hey, they had the money, why not?  And notice Jonathan Knight (far right) is the only one whose knee is out of sync, imagine that.  He just never could get the hang of a lot of the choreography or the singing!  
Okay, I copied this one without realizing the timer was still in frame.  Danny Wood likes to keep in shape and lift weights.  I’m sorry, but he was ugly and I think he’s gotten uglier over the years.  It’s a good thing he was maintaining his body and his rat tail, something had to distract the tweens.  
Here’s Joey McIntyre, the cute one, well I guess he was still going by “Joe” then.  As a fan I remember reading Joe was a huge Sinatra fan.  Is this scene a tribute to him?  It’s dumb is all I know.
 Fruit and Public Enemy, the perfect combination.  
 The shot to remind you there are strings on the track.  And that Jordan can rock some mean Guess overalls.
 I’m not sure what’s going on here, but Joe and Jordan are getting a kick out of it.  Those poor lighting guys.  Yeah those overalls were not the most manly choice. 
“Are you in Public Enemy?” That may or may not be New Kid creator/svengali Maurice Starr.  Why the Lakers jacket?  Celtics all the way!
Well crap, I left the timer in frame again.  If Danny working out didn’t do it for you the first time, here he is again, swaying what I think is a pool cue.  
“Don’t you know I can’t really sing!”  Okay, he could sing a little bit, but he was nowhere near little brother Jordan.  He was cute, easy on the eyes, something for the ladies, I mean tweens, blah-blah-blah.
Okay, I gave up on trying to get the frame clear here.  I was trying to freeze the exact moment Danny was trying to take Jon’s shades.  And was there really a script for this madness???  Danny was also carbo-loading.
Yes, “Step By Step” marks the first time, we see Oscar-nominated rapper, er, actor and Donnie’s little brother Mark on-screen.  Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch wouldn’t hit the scene until about a year later.  I never thought in a billion years that kid would go places.  I feel old now.
 This is when he decides it’s funny he’s really the gay one.  Really, he is.  That’s all folks!
(All screenshot images courtesy of YouTube/Vevo)