Video Deconstruction: New Kids On The Block "Step By Step"

For some reason today, I decided to YouTube some New Kids’ videos, why?  Story time!  Back in the day, I cannot believe I use that phrase now, and how far back?, oh 21 years ago.  I was a “Blockhead” but I don’t think I was the biggest one.  I attended a NKOTB concert in Evansville, IN when I was in 8th Grade and I was mesmerized.  To be fair, the Step By Step album had not been released yet; my friends and I saw the New Kids on the cusp of their biggest success.  And after this success, things started to decline.  The boys grew up, there were lip-synching accusations, and well, pop music just started to disappear when Grunge Rock took over in late 1991.   
I remember the days I could sleep in on Saturdays, but the World Premiere of the “Step by Step” video was going to air on MTV at say, 7am ON A SATURDAY?!?  Oh that didn’t matter, I was a fan, and if I had to wake up at 3 am to see this video, I would have done it, no complaints.  As I was reminiscing this afternoon, I decided to take a closer look at the video I couldn’t miss.  So here’s a few screenshots from this 1990 classic:
Yes, we all know Jordan Knight was/is the real star of the group so he gets the first shot, but what’s up with the pose?
 Donnie Wahlberg on his motorcycle; he was my favorite New Kid and he turned out to be the biggest troublemaker of the group.  Does the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville KY ring any bells?  I don’t tell a lot of people this, but I tried to get my hair to look like his, complete with the ponytail.  No, I’m not gay at all.
See? Troublemaker and the designated daredevil of the group.  I really hate I missed the Magic Summer Tour, you remember, you supposedly could open a Coca-Cola can and a 100 dollar bill would pop out of it?  I never found one. But man, do I love a cold Coke!
Ah the routine on the steps.  I perfected it and since I now have a set of stairs outside and inside at my new place, I’m tempted to try it again, only they face the opposite way from the ones in the video.  Challenge?
At this point, the video changes to some monochromatic color format.  Hey, they had the money, why not?  And notice Jonathan Knight (far right) is the only one whose knee is out of sync, imagine that.  He just never could get the hang of a lot of the choreography or the singing!  
Okay, I copied this one without realizing the timer was still in frame.  Danny Wood likes to keep in shape and lift weights.  I’m sorry, but he was ugly and I think he’s gotten uglier over the years.  It’s a good thing he was maintaining his body and his rat tail, something had to distract the tweens.  
Here’s Joey McIntyre, the cute one, well I guess he was still going by “Joe” then.  As a fan I remember reading Joe was a huge Sinatra fan.  Is this scene a tribute to him?  It’s dumb is all I know.
 Fruit and Public Enemy, the perfect combination.  
 The shot to remind you there are strings on the track.  And that Jordan can rock some mean Guess overalls.
 I’m not sure what’s going on here, but Joe and Jordan are getting a kick out of it.  Those poor lighting guys.  Yeah those overalls were not the most manly choice. 
“Are you in Public Enemy?” That may or may not be New Kid creator/svengali Maurice Starr.  Why the Lakers jacket?  Celtics all the way!
Well crap, I left the timer in frame again.  If Danny working out didn’t do it for you the first time, here he is again, swaying what I think is a pool cue.  
“Don’t you know I can’t really sing!”  Okay, he could sing a little bit, but he was nowhere near little brother Jordan.  He was cute, easy on the eyes, something for the ladies, I mean tweens, blah-blah-blah.
Okay, I gave up on trying to get the frame clear here.  I was trying to freeze the exact moment Danny was trying to take Jon’s shades.  And was there really a script for this madness???  Danny was also carbo-loading.
Yes, “Step By Step” marks the first time, we see Oscar-nominated rapper, er, actor and Donnie’s little brother Mark on-screen.  Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch wouldn’t hit the scene until about a year later.  I never thought in a billion years that kid would go places.  I feel old now.
 This is when he decides it’s funny he’s really the gay one.  Really, he is.  That’s all folks!
(All screenshot images courtesy of YouTube/Vevo)

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