GaGa by Lifetime????

I suppose we knew this was coming sooner or later but Lifetime is going to produce a bio-pic about Lady GaGa.  Why?  This news comes hot on the heels of Amanda Knox’s exoneration AFTER her spotlight in the LIfetime real life rotation (UPDATE, the network is re-airing the film next Tuesday night, a week after Knox’s guilty verdict was overturned with added sentences before and after).  What the hell happened to Hayden Panettiere anyway?  
Anyway, back to GaGa.  The UNAUTHORIZED film will be based on the UNAUTHORIZED biography entitled Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady GaGa.  Nice.  The book was written by New York Post writer, Maureen Callahan.  Yeah, that sounds trustworthy.  So this means without GaGa’s approval or involvement, the casting could be really difficult.  Ya think?  To be fair, GaGa’s story is pretty film-worthy, but is it Lifetime-worthy?  I would hate to see GaGa’s story get skewered like another pop diva’s.  Oh how must we forget Madonna: Innocence Lost, UGH!  The blame lies with FOX TV, not Lifetime, on that disaster.  So who will take on the role of Mother Monster?  GaGa has said in the past she would like Marisa Tomei to play her, but isn’t Tomei like too old; she’s 46 going on 47.  I never quite got that logic.  I would like to see an actress who can, in fact, sing and dance, but let’s remember, this is Lifetime, the production budgets are nowhere near the amounts seen for big Hollywood productions.  And you don’t always see big name actresses gracing the Lifetime screen.  If the movie succeeds or fails, it will all be on the casting.  Someone who can pull off the look now AND the look then:
And who knows?  Once GaGa hears about this, it may not get a toe off the ground.  I’m sure we’ll read her about her reaction very soon!  Oh boy.

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