Demi? You In Danger Girl!

This is Demi Moore at the premiere of her latest film, Margin Call, which also stars another recent news maker, newly out Zachary Quinto.  Whether or not her husband, Ashton Kutcher, did in fact cheat is still in question.  Of course, I’ve always had reservations about their relationship; I mean seriously, why are we just now hearing that Kuchter might have cheated for the first time in their five year marriage???  It’s not adding up.  I’m not saying Demi is a dog, she’s held up well, but she’s getting up there.  The actress will turn 50 next year.  And if Demi isn’t eating because of the stress, that’s not cool.  And personally, I’ve never liked Kutcher, on screen or off.  The Two and a Half Men gig is a joke and the ratings are not what the powers that be thought they would be post-Charlie Sheen.  
As for Moore, I’ve never liked her either.  One thing I always say is she’ll NEVER win an Oscar, but who knows?  Maybe in her old age, she will come across one of those great parts she can really sink her teeth into.  (I just chuckled!)  If you read the synopsis of Margin Call, it’s quite a mirror of what Moore is going through.  It’s basically about a big investment bank that falls apart within 24 hours, which is what happened with the financial crisis of the last few years.  Maybe Moore can Occupy Kabbalah or just plain old Wall Street, either way, she needs a break or at the very least, a good hearty meal.  NOW!
(Image courtesy of Splash News)

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