Chord Overstreet Will Return To GLEE!

I’m not sure why I used an exclamation point, but yes, Chord Overstreet will be returning to GLEE as recurring heart throb Sam Evans AKA “Trouty Mouth” starting in December.  I would say The Glee Project might have had something to do with Sam getting a pink slip in the first place.  Okay, so he wasn’t fired, but he wasn’t interested in coming back if he wasn’t given “regular cast member” status.  By the way, Damian McGinty, who tied for The Glee Project win will make his first appearance on the show next Tuesday as an Irish (yep!) exchange student who moves in with Brittany and her family.  McGinty will be the second GP member to appear on the show.  Lindsay Pearce (UGH!) appeared in the season premiere.  It’s not been determined as to when co-winner Samuel Larsen or runner-up, and my favorite, Alex Newell, will pop up on the show.  I would say after the holidays or maybe during a sweeps period.  It’s good to see Ryan Murphy has some sense and a heart.  I have yet to write about his new bad-ass show, American Horror Story, but don’t worry, I will; I may make it a Halloween post.  Stay tuned!

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