American Horror Story IS The Anti-Glee

I think I can now officially forgive Ryan Murphy.  All of the drama with GLEE, Chord Overstreet leaving (then returning), an unconfirmed spin-off for Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, and Chris Colfer, The Glee Project process, it’s all been erased with his new FX series American Horror Story.  The show is chilling, it has its dark comedy moments, it has Jessica Lange in her first TV series (she rocks!); in other words, it’s brilliant.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard of the concept: a Boston family in crisis uproots and they relocate to a haunted LA mansion to start over.  How many movies/tv shows have been based on a similar scenario?  Plenty.  The one I compare AHS closest to is The Amityville Horror which was based on a true story.  
You have a child, Addy, played by Jamie Brewer, who has Down Syndrome and she kicks off the story in the 70s by telling these red-headed twin boys “you’re gonna die in there!” when they go into the haunted house to trash the place and then, they mysteriously die.  Each episode begins with a incident that occurred at the house in the past.  Addy’s mother Constance, played by a fiercely sharp-tongued Lange, is in on whatever has happened in the house of horrors.  To be fair, if you have been watching, a lot has been revealed in just three episodes; this week’s episode entitled, what else, “Halloween”, is in two parts and it will mark the first appearance of Zachary Quinto (he’s everywhere!) as a previous owner of the “Murder House”.  On Halloween, FX will air the first four episodes, this would be a great time join the terror!  Or if you have On-Demand service, you can catch up that way too.  
Oh, yes, what about the family?  The Harmons have been messed with by the house from day one.  Ben, played by Dylan McDermott, is in trouble the most so far; he seems to keep losing time and he might be harming and/or killing his patients.  My opinion.  His wife Vivien played by my new celebrity crush Connie Britton,
OH God, she is hot! (
she also is in a great bit of danger.  Another image from the first episode, Vivien goes through a “traumatic miscarriage” and guess what?  whoever that rubber-suited guy in the poster is got it on with her and she’s now pregnant.  Rounding out the Harmon clan is the modern day Wednesday Adams or Lydia from Beetlejuice daughter Violet played by Taissa Farmiga (as far as I’ve investigated, Farmiga is NOT related to actress Vera Farmiga), she’s curious and she’s perfectly fine with the family staying in the house.  Two other key characters are the long-time housekeeper Moira played by Frances Conroy and Tate Langdon, played by the creepy Evan Peters.  Ben seems to always see a much younger and sexier Moira he keeps trying to resist her.  Tate, on the other hand, originally showed up as one of Ben’s patients, he befriended Violet, then he was dismissed by Ben, now he’s just hanging around…something isn’t right here.  One thing is clear, Constance, Moira, and Tate are all part of the murderous history of the house and another former tenant, Larry Harvey, played by Denis O’Hare (what’s with the horror streak man?) keeps hounding Ben about getting out of the house.  He’s probably a ghost, as the others probably are too.  It’s good stuff!
American Horror Story airs Wednesday nights at 10E/9C on FX….the AHS Halloween marathon starts at the same time this coming Monday night…are you scared yet?

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