The Diva Known As Axl Rose Will Speak

Yes, the reclusive Guns N’ Roses front man/dictator W. Axl Rose will finally speak out about all the crap he’s directly responsible for this Friday night on the season premiere of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show.  The interview was conducted after GNR’s show in Miami on October 29th, so just about two weeks ago.  And it was conducted at 5:30 in the morning.  Only Axl folks.  Two preview clips have been posted at (THERE SEEMS TO BE SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE CLIPS, you should be able to see one clip at the fore mentioned link) and they are both confusing, yet insightful.  For one thing, hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine seem very passive and they constantly nod their heads as Axl speaks.  I’m sorry, but if I was the host, I would be a little more aggressive, even if Axl ended up throwing a temper tantrum and walking out on the interview.  The man has been throwing a temper tantrum for 20 years and I would really like to know why?

Yeah, Axl is a funny guy. What the hell man?  And you’ll notice Axl has kept his face looking the same, go easy on the Botox pal!  Yes, Keith Richards is a miracle of modern science, but he is old and you can tell he is old.  Axl will turn 50 next year.  Guns N’ Roses have started a US tour, although if you go to the band’s website, none of the US dates are listed.  I’ve even heard Nashville is on the slate; I’m skeptical.  I’m not able to post the other preview clip (player error on vh1 site) but Axl goes into the reasons why he’s so late for shows, and it should be mentioned GNR was late for the Miami date before the interview and didn’t hit the stage until 3 am.  It’s as if Axl wants the perfect show every time and I don’t understand why he thinks this way.  It’s the same reason he uses Botox I guess.  The That Metal Show interview with Axl and his random band member will air Friday night at 10pm (Central) on VH1 Classic…I’m bummed because I don’t have VH1 Classic; I’ll have to get my sister to DVR it or I’ll hopefully be able to catch it online.  I can’t wait to see this.

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