Patti LaBelle May Need A New Attitude

Patti LaBelle is a diva, and apparently her diva behavior has brought on an unusual lawsuit.  Yes, throwing water on a toddler is the new throwing a cell phone.  I have a lot of respect Ms. LaBelle; she’s one of the greatest singers of all time, she can cook like no one’s business, and she seems nice.  One of the reports about the incident indicates the child LaBelle terrorized got so scared, the little girl vomited.  Wow!  Maybe the toddler saw LaBelle’s girls, per the photo above, and that’s what really scared her.  
I mean does LaBelle have children herself?  Yes she does.  And yes, it’s been years and years since they were toddlers, but come on.  Divas don’t care what’s going on around them, they just want to be noticed and I would say Ms. LaBelle is one of those.  Now if this young toddler really wanted to be scared:
Just show her what LaBelle used to look like!  And just for good measure, I found this:
There you go.

(Photos courtesy of,, and

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