Review: A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving with my family and although I was able to commandeer the TV Wednesday night for Modern Family (TM), Top Chef, and American Horror Story (shit is getting real!), I was unable to watch A Very Gaga Thanksgiving without somewhat annoying my parents.  I was going to record all of the said shows regardless, so I caught up with Gaga tonight.  For the record, Dad is unsure of Gaga, Mom loves her,  but she wasn’t interested in watching the special.  We ended up watch a Big Bang Theory re-run, then 4 back-to-back re-runs of Big Bang on TBS.  Another fact, CBS won the ratings Thursday night, because they chose to air original episodes after The Big Bang Theory.  For a nation entranced with football and embracing their food comas, it’s a fair assessment.  
A Very Gaga Thanksgiving was shot on location at the Covent of Sacred Heart in Manhattan, where Gaga went to school.   The special begins with a jazz trumpeter introducing Gaga and Tony Bennett (who calls Gaga the modern Picasso) and they jump right into “The Lady is a Tramp”; the performances were all recorded live, very classy.  There were a lot of candles, and I’m not sure they were all real; and there were a lot of elaborate tables.  The reason I ask about the candles is the the first big number with dancers, “Born This Way”

The dance numbers looked a little silly for the setting, but it’s totally Gaga.  And I question whether or not her guests were eating; I don’t think I could eat with all that fabulousness going on around me.  Next, Gaga joins some elementary students/girls from Sacred Heart and they create Thanksgiving decorations.  Gaga goes on to ask the girls what their favorite Thanksgiving dishes are, and when she reveals her piece, she says it’s a lot like a Jackson Pollock piece and the girls, to her surprise, all know who Pollock is.  We then go back to Gaga’s piano aka long dining table for a renditions of “You and I” and “Edge of Glory”, again how could they eat even if they wanted to???  Gaga would tend to break mid-song and tell an anecdote; by the way, in “You and I” the word “Nebraska” was replaced with “America”, and in “Edge of Glory” Gaga told a story about her grandfather (who the song was written about) about how he used to make Italian cookies.  
Finally, we get to the cooking segment and it was probably the most laughable part of the entire special.  Gaga is joined by chef Art Smith, who decides fried turkey with waffles infused with ham and bacon are an appropriate homage to Gaga’s Italian heritage.   Watching Gaga’s guests was hilarious; it’s like they were interested, but not sure.  And Gaga is dressed as Holly Golightly goes to cooking school (“let me remove my Valentino couture”), I was rolling!  Next Gaga launches into a jazz set with “White Christmas” where she adds a verse since the song only has one, and a number she used to sing in jazz clubs, “Orange Colored Sky”, both are good.  Then, a solo Gaga appears back at her lengthy piano to perform “Hair” (I’m not a fan of the song) and to talk about being bullied in school, she goes on to add a wig.  She also talks about how she was/still is insecure about her forehead, honey join the club!  That’s one thing I love about Gaga, she’s just as insecure now as she was in the beginning; it’s a quality that keeps her in sync with her fans.  “Bad Romance” was next, I can’t find a video, but at one point, Gaga shoves a mouthful of ???? in and she continues to sing.  Oh, she also sits down for a brief interview with new ABC talk show maven (starting next year) Katie Couric.  Nothing new, except Tony Bennett did a nude sketch of Gaga that will appear in the January issue of Vanity Fair that will be accompanied by photos from Annie Leibovitz.  
The crowning jewel or tease from the special is another look at the yet to be released video for “Marry the Night” which Gaga also performs a little bit of it on the special.  I can’t wait for the video, the deconstruction will be long, but it will be good.

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