Video Deconstruction: Carnie & Wendy Wilson "Hey Santa"

As soon as the holidays get rolling, this is one of the first songs to pop into my head.  Why?  I love it! It is a mystery, but it’s one of those holiday songs you literally have to listen 24/7 to hear, because it gets lost in the shuffle of new artist holiday tunes and old yuletide standards.  No to offensive Brenda Lee, Andy Williams, Eartha Kitt, Vince Vance and the Valiants, and so on, but Carnie and Wendy are just as festive.  The track is part of the sisters’ 1993 holiday album, Hey Santa! and it’s fair to say the Wilson Phillips train was at a grinding halt, and although the Wilson sisters’ effort did not achieve chart domination, “Hey Santa” peaked at #22 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.  Well enough about song, let’s deconstruct this wacky video!
–Ah, a nice, cheap-looking snow globe!–
–Yep, Wendy gets top face, um, billing, no crows feet yet.–
–Good ol’ Carnie, always second best, but she’s beautiful.–
–Wait! Is this a new Monty Python thing?, SPLAT!–
–Carnie SMASH! I think that jackass stepped on her foot, act angry!–
–She’s thinking “I’ll get gastric bypass surgery..on the internet!, what the hell is the internet?!?”
–What’s a madcap Christmas video without a little person? Incomplete.–
–Chyna makes a guest appearance! I kid, I kid!–
–Shot #1 of Carnie adjusting her hat–
–“Seriously, I must find this internet, Hey Santa!”–
–Snowman must destroy sax-playing Santa!–
–Chyna laments her omission from the video and tries to make Carnie jealous.–
–And shot #2 of Carnie adjusting her hat, Wendy is not impressed.–
–Remember MADCAP!–
–I assume this a shot of the entire immediate Wilson clan, but what’s up with that sadistic bunny on the right?–
Oh the fun I have, Happy Holidays (I’ll hopefully be deconstructing “Marry the Night” next) and demand “Hey Santa”…(all video screen shots courtesy of

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