Video Deconstruction: (Abbrviated) Lady GaGa "Marry the Night"

What you are looking at, if you haven’t seen “Marry the Night” yet, is a scene from the nearly 9 minute prelude to when the track starts to play. It’s a story of madness and redemption, although it’s meant to play out like a true prelude to GaGa mania. Did GaGa really lose it when she was turned down the first time by a major record company? Did she go into a mental hospital? Did she really do it all in style? 
 I love the French subtitles and this translation is something I can actually remember from taking 2 years in high school and 2 more years in college: “but I am an artist.” Simple enough. What ensues is naked madness played against a scene where GaGa is a ballet dancer on a dark stage, one spotlight. 
I just noticed that’s a maxi pad she’s covering her chest with; maybe an idea for next Halloween. And it has wings, bonus! GaGa must also have a thing for Cheerios as she is seen slathering plenty and milk all over her body and then finally, she plops into a bathtub to dye her hair blond.
After she has her breakdown, in all her bedazzled glory, she returns to show the bad-ass ballerinas a thing or two. I got a very Amy Winehouse make-up vibe here. Or maybe it’s another Madonna moment. 
“I know that diamond for my tea cup is in here somewhere!” This is what we all saw as part of the main video shoot, cars on fire, a dirty GaGa what have you. Did I mention I love this song? 
What would a Lady GaGa video be without dancing? I doubt we’ll ever see a video without dancing, since it’s part of who she is and in this instance, it helps to drive the story. This post is getting a little corny, my apologies.
 WHOA! No, that’s not a toilet she’s leaning over. And that’s as naked as I’ve seen GaGa in a video to date, at least natural naked. This is a prelude to the Vanity Fair naked shot. Insecurity? Ha!
 I just thought it was funny when GaGa picked up the faux Black Swan up off the floor. Yeah, this post isn’t so good.
When all is said and done (and danced) this shot appears towards the end, God those nails look dangerous! It’s a wonder we never see Jimmy Iovine. Patience pays off while watching this video, but it’s not my favorite. I want to see her live!!!!
(All video screenshots courtesy of

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