When In Doubt (Or Bored), Robyn It Is!

I know I harp a lot on how bad Saturday Night Live has become. Okay, it has its bright spots–I still heart Kristen Wiig, but it just isn’t the same. That said, sometimes the behind-the-scenes footage can be a gold mine. Case in point, second year featured cast member Taran Killam, along with a few other cast members/writers were burning the midnight oil in anticipation of this past Saturday’s show starring Katy Perry (as host!) and Europop goddess Robyn as musical guest. I just want to once again point out the only part worth investing time lately in is when the musical guests are on, because in the past, if there had been DVR, I would’ve wasted no time in fast-fowarding through the music segments. Anyways, Taran and the others decided they were so bored or so in procrastination hell, they decided to act out Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” video. All I can say, this is classic and I hope we see a few more unseen moments like these come to life. Taran Killam, you are good people.

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