Black And White Photos Or Welcome To Hell!

“Oh Edie!, did you stockpile more cat shit and old boxes yet?”
She sure did, and this is just one example from a wonderful new site I just discovered today:
 I think the “wtf” part is an understatement. People back then were just plain weird, and it was fantastic. Who cares if Lindsay Lohan shows her goodies to the world, these photos are original and downright startling. Here are just a few examples.
You haven’t lived until you’ve seen these prehistoric Muppets, gah! Poor dog.
Obviously the inspiration for Boxing Helena.
Anne Sullivan knew the day would come when Helen Keller would screw her over for a piece of ass.
 Uh, WTF for this one!
Sorority initiations back then were all about who could survive the bloody mattress dangling over her head. It was also used for determining who was a witch.
   Why child labor laws were invented; I can’t explain the chicken’s presence.But then again, this isn’t the first or last instance of children smoking 
It looks as if Monty Python was about 40 years behind, talk about confuse a cat.
“It brushes the fox head or else it gets the claws again..”
  WTF #2 
 The Easter Bunny’s cousin, the Labor Day Sack Ghost.
 Whichever head he chooses, it won’t matter because it’s not the one she really wants. (RIM SHOT!)
 All-American Girl by God! Animal crackers to boot?
“Just kick the fucking pickle Irene!”
  WTF? WTF? WTF? (infinity)


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