Murder House I Barely Knew You Or An Airing Of Grievances

It’s Festivus and I have a big grievance to air. Apparently, after this week’s clunky American Horror Story season finale (I’ll get to that shortly), series co-creator/man I love to hate Ryan Murphy, broke the news season two would be totally different, as in a new setting, new lead characters, and a new haunting and/or ghost scenario. HUH?!?
Although I’m not opposed to the idea, what will become of this lady?
Are you telling me Jessica Lange aka Constance Langdon will NOT be back next year???? It’s crazy talk considering Lange and the series have snagged Golden Globe nominations for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-series, or Motion Picture Made for Television” and “Best Television Series-Drama”. Oh and Lange has also netted a SAG nomination for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series”. Here’s the nutty part, she’ll win, but she won’t have a series to go back to, unless Murphy thinks of a creative way to bring her back without drudging up all of the back stories from the Murder House. I guess this means Jennifer Grey’s cameo as Constance’s hairdresser will go unfulfilled as well. Sigh.
Okay, in the article, Murphy says some of the regulars from season one will be back, but who? I could care less about everyone except for Connie Britton…she is easy on the eyes! Now, about that finale. Could it have been more fluffy?
I say the episode was clunky, because it seemed the writers tried to cram all the Harmons and the other ghosts into one sequence, and when they tried to scare away the new family moving in, it played out much like this:
 It fooled me into thinking it was maybe the first episode of season two, you know the whole “three years later” and then seeing one of the twins holding a bloody knife with a shit-eating grin. Very Dexter which I have not watched since season one. American Horror Story will definitely fall into a sophomore slump, and I hate that. I’m not saying my curiosity isn’t piqued, I’m just not sure you can erase everything that made the first season of the show so good. This is the reason I’m dreading season two of The Killing, a show that also failed to deliver in the season finale. Who killed Rosie Larsen? “We aren’t telling you until season two and then we are going to move on to another case.” BULLSHIT! I guess if Ben (Dylan McDermott) hadn’t died then the series would have continued in LA, but I guess he had to die, he had to be just as an annoying asshole in the afterlife as he was in his previous life. Mission accomplished! 
Thus my tumultuous relationship with Mr. Murphy rolls on. He’s lucky he cast NeNe in Glee or I would have had to dot both of his eyes out.

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