The Case For (Or Against) Taylor Dayne’s Face And Such

Okay, why write about Taylor Dayne? Well, she’s fierce. And I fell under the spell of Food Network’s Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off and Dayne surprisingly (spoiler!) ended finishing in the top 4. Although I’ve seen Dayne pop up on TV a little in the past few years, yes she’s still making music, I don’t think I was ready to look at her revamped face this many weeks in a row. I know it’s her, but when a celebrity tweaks his/her face just a bit, I feel a little betrayed. 
Perhaps the biggest celebrity face betrayal came in the form of Jennifer Grey:
(Courtesy of CBS News)
It was always weird and it still is, because you can’t quite figure out if that’s Grey or not. It’s just her nose, but good Lord! Is that whole “deviated septum” theory real? I mean, it’s a real condition, but for celebrities, a nose job is all about trying to look better or fresher. Hell, Grey won Dancing With The Stars, so I give her a pass. 
Back to Leslie Wunderman (Taylor Dayne), I really have no idea why she would get surgery, especially a boob job.
(Courtesy of
I guess I’ll never understand why to this day, all these actresses and singers feel like they HAVE to enhance their breasts. However, last year, Dayne gave a full disclosure of her procedures and she, yes, regrets them. Why? Because she looks totally different. I think her own recognizable traits from her hey day in the late 80s-early 90s are her eyes and her mouth, particularly her lips. It’s like she missed the curve, but she still tours and she has become a big attraction at gay pride festivals. Who knew she could cook? By the way, Lou Diamond Phillips or “LDP” as he was called on the show won.
  (Courtesy of
And since I can’t leave you hanging without some old school Taylor…bon appetite!

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 4 (Gelato IS Ice Cream)

I’m loving how this season’s shows are only an hour long. It makes these blogs a bit easier to construct. And the hour really flies by when I DVR it, thank you baby Jesus! It’s not that the shows are all bad, I just think the whole Project Runway franchise has run its course. It’s no wonder Lifetime has developed other fashion-themed shows like 24-Hour Catwalk and Project Accessory. I haven’t watched either and I don’t plan to. That said, let’s move on to this week’s challenge.
(Definitely NOT Freddie Mercury, Courtesy of
I find myself obsessing over what Austin Scarlett will wear next, and this week I guess he was tryng to evoke the late Queen frontman, acid-washed jeans, wife beater, and all. A personal style FAIL. This week’s challenge was to create a design in just six hours based on a flavor of gelato, or ice cream to you and me.
(Yummy?, probably)
Why ice cream? Not all gelato is vibrantly colored, but to interpret a flavor is mind-boggling. And the designers’ gelatos all had fancy names like Fruit of the Forest, Grapefruit, and Cantaloupe, well not that fancy. IT’S ICE CREAM! Many designers, including Mila and Mondo went the literal route on color choice and (spoiler!) they both did well. Michael Costello was given the opportunity to choose his gelato first and he picked…grapefruit? And he ended up with fabic I assume he thought looked like pink grapefruit, but it read more like a pink-like flesh tone. But guess what?
(The Jackass won his second challenge in a row with that, Courtesy of
And Michael about lost his shit when guest judge/fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg told him to give her a call. Puuhlease! The winning design would be/will be worn by Aussie supermodel/Orlando Bloom’s baby mama Miranda Kerr who also served as a guest judge. I loved Jerell Scott’s dress this week, by the way, he seems to be the cattiest in his interviews, yet he hasn’t won a challenge yet, step it up girl! He was safe, as was Austin, Kenley (who is making the same dress over and over), and Rami.
In trouble this week once again was Kara Janx. She seems to grasp what she wants to do but then can’t convert her ideas to her design, which ended up looking like a maternity dress/upside down gelato cone. April Johnston was also in the bottom; her dress was nice, but poorly constructed which she blamed on the 6-hour time limit. Also in trouble?
(Hey Girl! Courtesy of
Sassy Anthony Williams, who went a little too literal. His looked really clunky and he said he wanted the effect of a melting cone, okay. He won’t go very far. Mila and Mondo also joined Michael at the top; I’m really wanting Mondo to step it up since we all know he should’ve won his season. Alas, we said good-bye to April, and I knew she wouldn’t go far either.
Next Week: The designers head to the park to ask a bunch of strangers for their clothes, or that’s the impression I got. YAY!

Pooping Yourself Equals OSCAR????

Indeed Bridesmaids might! I knew it was Oscar nominations day and the noms were pretty much the norm: Meryl Streep captured her record 17th Best Actress nomination for The Iron Lady (haven’t seen it yet), Martin Scorsese’s HUGO scored the most nods with eleven including Best Picture, Best Actor will pit Pitt against Clooney, and that silent movie The Artist is destined for a Best Picture win, thanks Uggie!
But when I scanned the nominations further, first I landed on this gal nabbing a Best Supporting Actress nod:
Hells yes for Melissa McCarthy! Did I mention I used to date a girl who looks exactly like McCarthy’s character Megan??? I would provide photographic proof, alas, like the girlfriend, they are both gone. I’m pumped for McCarthy! Of course, she’ll have tough competition with Golden Globe winner Octavia Spencer for The Help (4 nominations, including a second Best Supporting nod for Jessica Chastain’s role, a Best Actress nod for Viola Davis, and Best Picture), and I also did not see The Help. I’m confident in saying I did see Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, well-earned but either Streep or Davis OR Glenn Close, who has been nominated six time but hasn’t won, will more than likely take the Oscar.
Bridesmaids probably deserved a least a Best Actress nod for Kristen Wiig, maybe even a nod for Best Picture, but never fear, Wiig and her co-writer Annie Mumolo have been nominated for Best Original Screenplay:
(yes, that’s the real Annie on the right!)
It’s about time the Academy should see past the blockbusting box office numbers, which Bridesmaids had, and they should take a look at the talent that has made it one of the funniest movies of all time. There’s been talk of a sequel, but it may not make it off the ground, which is a good thing because most sequels to giant films always suck. These ladies should bask in their Oscar nomination glory and GO GET ‘EM!
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Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3 (Pig Party!)

Where do I begin? I think the PR producers are maybe getting a little too creative with the challenges. Yeah, Miss Piggy was there, she was a little sassy but there was no “Muppet Show” laugh track to complement her lame jokes. I was surprised to learn that Frank Oz is no longer Miss Piggy, instead, Eric Jacobson took over all of Oz’s characters in 2001. Bummed! But really, in this context, I don’t think it mattered.
The All-Stars were given the task of designing a “flamboyant, cocktail dress” for Miss Piggy, but the garment would be modified later to fit one of the most famous Muppets. That would’ve been a better challenge, to design for Piggy’s specific measurements. Michael Costello continues to annoy me with his weird-ass comments. He said about Piggy, “(she) is a fashion dream client”, really? A lifeless lump of cloth is a dream client? Kenley Collins chimed in with, “she reminds me of myself” huh? There was a much heated fight between Mondo, Austin, and Kara over a pair of pink gloves, because you know they are Miss Piggy’s signature accessories. Kara seemed to think Piggy should be “sexed up”, needless to say, the designers drove me crazy this week. I’m lucky I was entertained by the countless Drew Peterson: Untouchable promos that ran; I believe I may DVR it, “I’m untouchable bitch!” Oh Rob Lowe, I can’t wait. Besides the fight over the gloves, things haven’t gotten too catty in the workroom thus far, except Mila continued to insist Kara and Kenley (Kodependent) were seeking each other’s opinion way too much. And even though Joanna Coles will never be as good a mentor as Tim Gunn, her deadpan delivery of how important the challenge was was hilarious, and she called Miss Piggy a “mega-celebrity”, I can’t make this up! 
This week, another guest judge filled in for Issac Mizrahi, Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, and girl, he and MIss Piggy turned it out. NOT! Oh, did I mention the bacon jokes? So bad. Personally, Rami’s design was my favorite:
(courtesy of
It was the most appealing to me, if I was trying to dress Miss Piggy. Unfortunately, Rami did not win. Michael Costello snuck in and took the win with a dark, wrapped present design, not good. Austin, who this week looked like a gay version of the Three Amigos, badly faltered after last week’s win:
(courtesy of
 Lucky for him, he was not eliminated. Miss Piggy wondered if she could “hula-hoop” in Austin’s dress, this episode reeked of terrible humor. Alas, we said goodbye to Gordana Gelhausen, who basically designed a night gown that wasn’t fancy enough for a movie premiere. 
(courtesy of
10 are left, and next week, we get back to some real fashion people with the likes of iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg and model Miranda Kerr aka Orlando Bloom’s wife. 

Lana Del What The Hell Is This?

Yes, I usually praise Saturday Night Live for their musical guest choices, but they failed miserably this week by booking Lana Del Rey. All I knew about Del Rey before I watched her was that Perez Hilton was hyping her up as one of the “next big things” in pop music on his blog. Uh….even he has admitted after SNL, he’s not so sure. Sure, you can blame nerves, but if you have a record deal, nerves is no excuse for your first American major television appearance. I honestly thought it was a joke or a skit at first. This is so bad, I totally skipped her second performance. Listen and watch if you dare.
I mean what kind of artist is she? An Adele???? Oh hell no! When I went to look her up on Wikipedia, I could not believe my eyes when one of her quotes said she sees herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” what the hell does that even mean? She’s apparently trying to build a fan base overseas, let’s just hope she stays there. SNL FAIL!

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 2 (Mustache Rides Again)

(courtesy of
I really don’t get Austin Scarlett’s mustache.  When I went to look up images of him, there were no new ones, except the one you see now. His look is still as feminine as ever, but the mustache, I guess, butches him up. It’s almost as if I don’t take him as seriously as a designer on All-Stars. Oh well. Scarlett’s talents were in full effect for this week’s challenge, design a couture gown appropriate for a “night at the opera”, seems easy enough. But it wasn’t for everyone. 
Michael Costello had to chime in that he grew up listening to opera and I swear he mentioned the name Michael Buble’, but then he mentioned Andrea Bocelli. What a kiss-ass! Costello’s confidence this time around is very surprising, considering he’s not much of a designer. As strategies begin, April Johnston decides she will NOT use a black fabric for the challenge, I thought I was going to fall off the couch. Instead, she decides to go with red, but when the designers head to MOOD, Michael also initially decides on red. Ruh-roh! If you recall last week, the two designers also chose the same implement–mops–for their respective designs. So Michael decides on black, which as it turns out would be a good decision. April’s choice of red gets mired by the fact she wants to dye it at the bottom, uh oh. 
The designers only have 24 hours to complete their gowns and on day 2, Austin’s wardrobe reminded me of that old band from the 80’s Madonna got her start in in the late 70’s, The Breakfast Club, remember this ditty?
At first, we see Mondo assessing Costello’s neck piece for his gown, and I’m thinking, “is this jack ass really going to stray for help?” No, he was just seeking some advice. Enter this season’s mentor, Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles, who I’ve decided is the poor man’s Tabatha Coffey. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Tabatha rip apart the contestants? And wouldn’t it be cool if Project Runway was still on Bravo? One designer from the Bravo days of the series is season 2 runner-up Kara Janx and she was in trouble this week; her fabric was a butt-ugly floral print, not appropriate for the opera. Also spotlighted is Anthony Williams who I didn’t think had a great fabric, but his design, with some crucial accessories, looked pretty good. I’m still not wild about Angela Lindvall taking over the Heidi Klum role on the show. 
Guest judges for this week were design team Badgley & Mishka who are pretty much one of the go-to teams for any big event, like an opera or red carpet. Top designers: Austin-SHOCK!, Anthony, and Michael; the bottom 3: Kara, April, and one of last week’s bottom 2, Sweet P, who designed a dress so not worthy of the opera. 
(courtesy of
And sadly, Sweet P is no longer in the competition, though I think her print was better looking than Kara’s. Next week is when the designers take on Miss Piggy–Hi-Ya!

Dance Moms Redux

(courtesy of
Winter is tough for TV viewers. It’s like a mini-summer hiatus with endless reruns and loads of holiday specials. It usually takes about 2 weeks after New Year’s to get things rolling for network shows again. However, reality TV never stops and many new and returning shows take up a lot of room on my DVR. In other words…
Abby Lee Miller and her troupe of junior dancers and their crazy-ass moms are all back for season 2. Season 1 ended in early October, so the hiatus was short and the powers that be at Lifetime are not stupid. The promos brag that “57 million” tuned in for season 1, and I don’t know if that’s for all season or for individual episodes. I’m thinking it’s the first option. Cable viewership is big, but not that big. No offense Abby. 
Dance Moms season 2 will really be no different than season 1. The “pyramid” is back with Maddie at the top, Kelly (Paige and Brookes’ mom) is ALWAYS fighting with Abby, Nia’s mom Holly (faux Michelle Obama) is fighting with Abb and is absent a lot, Christi (Chloe’s mom) is always reliable with the one-liners (my favorite from the season premiere, “if I gave Abby a gift it would be a 3-month membership to Weight Watchers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving”) and no, we haven’t seen the last of Cathy, Vivi, and the Candy Apples Dance Center. Damnit!
The only change in season 2 is now that Cathy and Vivi have crawled back to Ohio, Abby needs to replace Vivi by having open call auditions. Commence meltdowns. And out of the ashes rises Kendall and her mom Jill:
Um, I think she’ll fit in just fine. The previews of season 2 show more of the same antics; I’m just itching to see how mean Jill can be and she’s already established her kiss-ass to Abby reputation a la Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom Melissa. But will Melissa be her ally? Or will Maddie squash Kendall like a bug? I think the latter. 
Dance Moms airs on Lifetime Tuesday nights at 9pE/8pC

Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 1 (Seriously?)

I’m really not sure how I feel about this new edition of All-Stars. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great competitors: Mondo Guerra returns hopefully to win after being screwed over by that bitch Gretchen Jones, Austin Scarlett and his mustache, Rami Koshou (another runner-up), and season 2 darling Kara Janx. Those are the ones to watch. The rest are just filler.
 First of all, Michael Costello got way too much camera time; he’ll be gone soon. Although he did make a good point, he and Rami are “drapers” so Costello sees him as his main competition. Sweet P declared Janx to be her main competition which is totally random, because Sweet P doesn’t have a chance to win. Also back are fellow season competitors, Jerell Scott (good) and Kenley Collins (bad!!!), her voice is annoying as ever. The spitter Elisa Jimenez is back, but she says her saliva is a “blessing mark” and that people pay her to do this. Someone needs to tell her spitting is a form of assault and it is so not fashionable. Anthony Williams is there for nothing but his sassy comments. He said he can accept Jimenez because his grandmother was committed to a mental hospital, zing! 
Aside from the designers, the biggest changes, which are the host and judges may scare away viewers. Supermodel Angela Lindvall slips into the Heidi Klum role and she’s very boring. The new Tim Gunn is Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles, she’s not bad, but Gunn is always a delight to watch. To be fair, Gunn has moved on to a new project, ABC’s newest foray into the daytime talk show world, The Revolution, which will begin airing January 16th. It’s a life change show, and it will be interesting to see how it fairs. Lastly, there are new judges, Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman and designer Isaac Mizrahi. Mizrahi is catty, but not as catty as Michael Kors, fail! Chapman is a little better to look at than Nina Garcia, but she won’t be as catty either. Another change? No individual challenge winner gets immunity, so this will make the show go by faster. The prize package for the winner is the biggest ever, $500,000 which includes a cash prize of $100,000, a year-long guest editor position at Marie Claire, various sewing equipment, $100,000 from HP, and the winner will get his/her own boutique at Nieman Marcus plus he/she will get to sell his/her designs on Nieman Marcus’ website. So the ante has been upped considerably, sorry Michael Costello. Oh, I almost forgot, another change, the designers’ workspace is no longer at Parsons, although the school will still host the runway shows. It’s all too different. Here’s another reason this season will be way too different, one of the guest judges?
 Miss Piggy, need I say more…