Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 1 (Seriously?)

I’m really not sure how I feel about this new edition of All-Stars. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great competitors: Mondo Guerra returns hopefully to win after being screwed over by that bitch Gretchen Jones, Austin Scarlett and his mustache, Rami Koshou (another runner-up), and season 2 darling Kara Janx. Those are the ones to watch. The rest are just filler.
 First of all, Michael Costello got way too much camera time; he’ll be gone soon. Although he did make a good point, he and Rami are “drapers” so Costello sees him as his main competition. Sweet P declared Janx to be her main competition which is totally random, because Sweet P doesn’t have a chance to win. Also back are fellow season competitors, Jerell Scott (good) and Kenley Collins (bad!!!), her voice is annoying as ever. The spitter Elisa Jimenez is back, but she says her saliva is a “blessing mark” and that people pay her to do this. Someone needs to tell her spitting is a form of assault and it is so not fashionable. Anthony Williams is there for nothing but his sassy comments. He said he can accept Jimenez because his grandmother was committed to a mental hospital, zing! 
Aside from the designers, the biggest changes, which are the host and judges may scare away viewers. Supermodel Angela Lindvall slips into the Heidi Klum role and she’s very boring. The new Tim Gunn is Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles, she’s not bad, but Gunn is always a delight to watch. To be fair, Gunn has moved on to a new project, ABC’s newest foray into the daytime talk show world, The Revolution, which will begin airing January 16th. It’s a life change show, and it will be interesting to see how it fairs. Lastly, there are new judges, Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman and designer Isaac Mizrahi. Mizrahi is catty, but not as catty as Michael Kors, fail! Chapman is a little better to look at than Nina Garcia, but she won’t be as catty either. Another change? No individual challenge winner gets immunity, so this will make the show go by faster. The prize package for the winner is the biggest ever, $500,000 which includes a cash prize of $100,000, a year-long guest editor position at Marie Claire, various sewing equipment, $100,000 from HP, and the winner will get his/her own boutique at Nieman Marcus plus he/she will get to sell his/her designs on Nieman Marcus’ website. So the ante has been upped considerably, sorry Michael Costello. Oh, I almost forgot, another change, the designers’ workspace is no longer at Parsons, although the school will still host the runway shows. It’s all too different. Here’s another reason this season will be way too different, one of the guest judges?
 Miss Piggy, need I say more…

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