Dance Moms Redux

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Winter is tough for TV viewers. It’s like a mini-summer hiatus with endless reruns and loads of holiday specials. It usually takes about 2 weeks after New Year’s to get things rolling for network shows again. However, reality TV never stops and many new and returning shows take up a lot of room on my DVR. In other words…
Abby Lee Miller and her troupe of junior dancers and their crazy-ass moms are all back for season 2. Season 1 ended in early October, so the hiatus was short and the powers that be at Lifetime are not stupid. The promos brag that “57 million” tuned in for season 1, and I don’t know if that’s for all season or for individual episodes. I’m thinking it’s the first option. Cable viewership is big, but not that big. No offense Abby. 
Dance Moms season 2 will really be no different than season 1. The “pyramid” is back with Maddie at the top, Kelly (Paige and Brookes’ mom) is ALWAYS fighting with Abby, Nia’s mom Holly (faux Michelle Obama) is fighting with Abb and is absent a lot, Christi (Chloe’s mom) is always reliable with the one-liners (my favorite from the season premiere, “if I gave Abby a gift it would be a 3-month membership to Weight Watchers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving”) and no, we haven’t seen the last of Cathy, Vivi, and the Candy Apples Dance Center. Damnit!
The only change in season 2 is now that Cathy and Vivi have crawled back to Ohio, Abby needs to replace Vivi by having open call auditions. Commence meltdowns. And out of the ashes rises Kendall and her mom Jill:
Um, I think she’ll fit in just fine. The previews of season 2 show more of the same antics; I’m just itching to see how mean Jill can be and she’s already established her kiss-ass to Abby reputation a la Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom Melissa. But will Melissa be her ally? Or will Maddie squash Kendall like a bug? I think the latter. 
Dance Moms airs on Lifetime Tuesday nights at 9pE/8pC

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