Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 2 (Mustache Rides Again)

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I really don’t get Austin Scarlett’s mustache.  When I went to look up images of him, there were no new ones, except the one you see now. His look is still as feminine as ever, but the mustache, I guess, butches him up. It’s almost as if I don’t take him as seriously as a designer on All-Stars. Oh well. Scarlett’s talents were in full effect for this week’s challenge, design a couture gown appropriate for a “night at the opera”, seems easy enough. But it wasn’t for everyone. 
Michael Costello had to chime in that he grew up listening to opera and I swear he mentioned the name Michael Buble’, but then he mentioned Andrea Bocelli. What a kiss-ass! Costello’s confidence this time around is very surprising, considering he’s not much of a designer. As strategies begin, April Johnston decides she will NOT use a black fabric for the challenge, I thought I was going to fall off the couch. Instead, she decides to go with red, but when the designers head to MOOD, Michael also initially decides on red. Ruh-roh! If you recall last week, the two designers also chose the same implement–mops–for their respective designs. So Michael decides on black, which as it turns out would be a good decision. April’s choice of red gets mired by the fact she wants to dye it at the bottom, uh oh. 
The designers only have 24 hours to complete their gowns and on day 2, Austin’s wardrobe reminded me of that old band from the 80’s Madonna got her start in in the late 70’s, The Breakfast Club, remember this ditty?
At first, we see Mondo assessing Costello’s neck piece for his gown, and I’m thinking, “is this jack ass really going to stray for help?” No, he was just seeking some advice. Enter this season’s mentor, Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles, who I’ve decided is the poor man’s Tabatha Coffey. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Tabatha rip apart the contestants? And wouldn’t it be cool if Project Runway was still on Bravo? One designer from the Bravo days of the series is season 2 runner-up Kara Janx and she was in trouble this week; her fabric was a butt-ugly floral print, not appropriate for the opera. Also spotlighted is Anthony Williams who I didn’t think had a great fabric, but his design, with some crucial accessories, looked pretty good. I’m still not wild about Angela Lindvall taking over the Heidi Klum role on the show. 
Guest judges for this week were design team Badgley & Mishka who are pretty much one of the go-to teams for any big event, like an opera or red carpet. Top designers: Austin-SHOCK!, Anthony, and Michael; the bottom 3: Kara, April, and one of last week’s bottom 2, Sweet P, who designed a dress so not worthy of the opera. 
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And sadly, Sweet P is no longer in the competition, though I think her print was better looking than Kara’s. Next week is when the designers take on Miss Piggy–Hi-Ya!

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