Lana Del What The Hell Is This?

Yes, I usually praise Saturday Night Live for their musical guest choices, but they failed miserably this week by booking Lana Del Rey. All I knew about Del Rey before I watched her was that Perez Hilton was hyping her up as one of the “next big things” in pop music on his blog. Uh….even he has admitted after SNL, he’s not so sure. Sure, you can blame nerves, but if you have a record deal, nerves is no excuse for your first American major television appearance. I honestly thought it was a joke or a skit at first. This is so bad, I totally skipped her second performance. Listen and watch if you dare.
I mean what kind of artist is she? An Adele???? Oh hell no! When I went to look her up on Wikipedia, I could not believe my eyes when one of her quotes said she sees herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” what the hell does that even mean? She’s apparently trying to build a fan base overseas, let’s just hope she stays there. SNL FAIL!

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