Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3 (Pig Party!)

Where do I begin? I think the PR producers are maybe getting a little too creative with the challenges. Yeah, Miss Piggy was there, she was a little sassy but there was no “Muppet Show” laugh track to complement her lame jokes. I was surprised to learn that Frank Oz is no longer Miss Piggy, instead, Eric Jacobson took over all of Oz’s characters in 2001. Bummed! But really, in this context, I don’t think it mattered.
The All-Stars were given the task of designing a “flamboyant, cocktail dress” for Miss Piggy, but the garment would be modified later to fit one of the most famous Muppets. That would’ve been a better challenge, to design for Piggy’s specific measurements. Michael Costello continues to annoy me with his weird-ass comments. He said about Piggy, “(she) is a fashion dream client”, really? A lifeless lump of cloth is a dream client? Kenley Collins chimed in with, “she reminds me of myself” huh? There was a much heated fight between Mondo, Austin, and Kara over a pair of pink gloves, because you know they are Miss Piggy’s signature accessories. Kara seemed to think Piggy should be “sexed up”, needless to say, the designers drove me crazy this week. I’m lucky I was entertained by the countless Drew Peterson: Untouchable promos that ran; I believe I may DVR it, “I’m untouchable bitch!” Oh Rob Lowe, I can’t wait. Besides the fight over the gloves, things haven’t gotten too catty in the workroom thus far, except Mila continued to insist Kara and Kenley (Kodependent) were seeking each other’s opinion way too much. And even though Joanna Coles will never be as good a mentor as Tim Gunn, her deadpan delivery of how important the challenge was was hilarious, and she called Miss Piggy a “mega-celebrity”, I can’t make this up! 
This week, another guest judge filled in for Issac Mizrahi, Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, and girl, he and MIss Piggy turned it out. NOT! Oh, did I mention the bacon jokes? So bad. Personally, Rami’s design was my favorite:
(courtesy of
It was the most appealing to me, if I was trying to dress Miss Piggy. Unfortunately, Rami did not win. Michael Costello snuck in and took the win with a dark, wrapped present design, not good. Austin, who this week looked like a gay version of the Three Amigos, badly faltered after last week’s win:
(courtesy of
 Lucky for him, he was not eliminated. Miss Piggy wondered if she could “hula-hoop” in Austin’s dress, this episode reeked of terrible humor. Alas, we said goodbye to Gordana Gelhausen, who basically designed a night gown that wasn’t fancy enough for a movie premiere. 
(courtesy of
10 are left, and next week, we get back to some real fashion people with the likes of iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg and model Miranda Kerr aka Orlando Bloom’s wife. 

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