Pooping Yourself Equals OSCAR????

Indeed Bridesmaids might! I knew it was Oscar nominations day and the noms were pretty much the norm: Meryl Streep captured her record 17th Best Actress nomination for The Iron Lady (haven’t seen it yet), Martin Scorsese’s HUGO scored the most nods with eleven including Best Picture, Best Actor will pit Pitt against Clooney, and that silent movie The Artist is destined for a Best Picture win, thanks Uggie!
But when I scanned the nominations further, first I landed on this gal nabbing a Best Supporting Actress nod:
Hells yes for Melissa McCarthy! Did I mention I used to date a girl who looks exactly like McCarthy’s character Megan??? I would provide photographic proof, alas, like the girlfriend, they are both gone. I’m pumped for McCarthy! Of course, she’ll have tough competition with Golden Globe winner Octavia Spencer for The Help (4 nominations, including a second Best Supporting nod for Jessica Chastain’s role, a Best Actress nod for Viola Davis, and Best Picture), and I also did not see The Help. I’m confident in saying I did see Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, well-earned but either Streep or Davis OR Glenn Close, who has been nominated six time but hasn’t won, will more than likely take the Oscar.
Bridesmaids probably deserved a least a Best Actress nod for Kristen Wiig, maybe even a nod for Best Picture, but never fear, Wiig and her co-writer Annie Mumolo have been nominated for Best Original Screenplay:
(yes, that’s the real Annie on the right!)
It’s about time the Academy should see past the blockbusting box office numbers, which Bridesmaids had, and they should take a look at the talent that has made it one of the funniest movies of all time. There’s been talk of a sequel, but it may not make it off the ground, which is a good thing because most sequels to giant films always suck. These ladies should bask in their Oscar nomination glory and GO GET ‘EM!
(All images courtesy of bridesmaidsmovie.com)

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