Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 4 (Gelato IS Ice Cream)

I’m loving how this season’s shows are only an hour long. It makes these blogs a bit easier to construct. And the hour really flies by when I DVR it, thank you baby Jesus! It’s not that the shows are all bad, I just think the whole Project Runway franchise has run its course. It’s no wonder Lifetime has developed other fashion-themed shows like 24-Hour Catwalk and Project Accessory. I haven’t watched either and I don’t plan to. That said, let’s move on to this week’s challenge.
(Definitely NOT Freddie Mercury, Courtesy of
I find myself obsessing over what Austin Scarlett will wear next, and this week I guess he was tryng to evoke the late Queen frontman, acid-washed jeans, wife beater, and all. A personal style FAIL. This week’s challenge was to create a design in just six hours based on a flavor of gelato, or ice cream to you and me.
(Yummy?, probably)
Why ice cream? Not all gelato is vibrantly colored, but to interpret a flavor is mind-boggling. And the designers’ gelatos all had fancy names like Fruit of the Forest, Grapefruit, and Cantaloupe, well not that fancy. IT’S ICE CREAM! Many designers, including Mila and Mondo went the literal route on color choice and (spoiler!) they both did well. Michael Costello was given the opportunity to choose his gelato first and he picked…grapefruit? And he ended up with fabic I assume he thought looked like pink grapefruit, but it read more like a pink-like flesh tone. But guess what?
(The Jackass won his second challenge in a row with that, Courtesy of
And Michael about lost his shit when guest judge/fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg told him to give her a call. Puuhlease! The winning design would be/will be worn by Aussie supermodel/Orlando Bloom’s baby mama Miranda Kerr who also served as a guest judge. I loved Jerell Scott’s dress this week, by the way, he seems to be the cattiest in his interviews, yet he hasn’t won a challenge yet, step it up girl! He was safe, as was Austin, Kenley (who is making the same dress over and over), and Rami.
In trouble this week once again was Kara Janx. She seems to grasp what she wants to do but then can’t convert her ideas to her design, which ended up looking like a maternity dress/upside down gelato cone. April Johnston was also in the bottom; her dress was nice, but poorly constructed which she blamed on the 6-hour time limit. Also in trouble?
(Hey Girl! Courtesy of
Sassy Anthony Williams, who went a little too literal. His looked really clunky and he said he wanted the effect of a melting cone, okay. He won’t go very far. Mila and Mondo also joined Michael at the top; I’m really wanting Mondo to step it up since we all know he should’ve won his season. Alas, we said good-bye to April, and I knew she wouldn’t go far either.
Next Week: The designers head to the park to ask a bunch of strangers for their clothes, or that’s the impression I got. YAY!


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