The Case For (Or Against) Taylor Dayne’s Face And Such

Okay, why write about Taylor Dayne? Well, she’s fierce. And I fell under the spell of Food Network’s Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off and Dayne surprisingly (spoiler!) ended finishing in the top 4. Although I’ve seen Dayne pop up on TV a little in the past few years, yes she’s still making music, I don’t think I was ready to look at her revamped face this many weeks in a row. I know it’s her, but when a celebrity tweaks his/her face just a bit, I feel a little betrayed. 
Perhaps the biggest celebrity face betrayal came in the form of Jennifer Grey:
(Courtesy of CBS News)
It was always weird and it still is, because you can’t quite figure out if that’s Grey or not. It’s just her nose, but good Lord! Is that whole “deviated septum” theory real? I mean, it’s a real condition, but for celebrities, a nose job is all about trying to look better or fresher. Hell, Grey won Dancing With The Stars, so I give her a pass. 
Back to Leslie Wunderman (Taylor Dayne), I really have no idea why she would get surgery, especially a boob job.
(Courtesy of
I guess I’ll never understand why to this day, all these actresses and singers feel like they HAVE to enhance their breasts. However, last year, Dayne gave a full disclosure of her procedures and she, yes, regrets them. Why? Because she looks totally different. I think her own recognizable traits from her hey day in the late 80s-early 90s are her eyes and her mouth, particularly her lips. It’s like she missed the curve, but she still tours and she has become a big attraction at gay pride festivals. Who knew she could cook? By the way, Lou Diamond Phillips or “LDP” as he was called on the show won.
  (Courtesy of
And since I can’t leave you hanging without some old school Taylor…bon appetite!

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