Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 5 (Lemme Borrow That Top!)

(Courtesy of Flickr/ME!)
I’m sorry, but when I paused the intro for this week’s episode to go to the bathroom, the image was hilarious. That’s Michael reacting to Diane Von Furstenberg last week. I love how Mondo is like “what?” and Kara is like “I have gelato!” I know I’m weird. 
Well, the gelato hopefully all melted and the designers’ challenge this week involved acquiring half of their materials from folks in Central Park and they had to use whatever funds they had left to buy materials at MOOD. And that involved asking normal (yeah right) people for “the clothes off their backs”, what ensued was Anthony getting more men than women to say yes–he got one guy to strip his shorts off, Austin wanted the guy’s underwear, but the trade-off? Austin got the guy’s phone number. BURN! Michael obviously found the challenge a little daunting as he was struggling to find a dress, you know he’s a draper and he was coming up empty. But when he did find what he wanted he said “it’s like chickens were hatching, Jesus was coming back…” really? I mean all they had to do was take this betch’s advice:

(“Lend me the top betch! Courtesy of
Anthony was fire with the one-liners this week. When he saw Jerell’s he said, “it looks someone is Coming To America” and he had a point.

 (Seriously, what is that? Courtesy of
And the bottom looked worse, but he was safe. Of course Jerell thought it was hot, he was totally delusional. Anthony on Kenley, “she is loud…if a black person says that you are loud, you are too loud!” I was dying. By the way, Kenley helped Kara finish a pair of pants, huh? I still can’t believe both Kara and Kenley are still around. Ironically, all the surviving ladies in the competition will survive to see another week as all three, including Mila, were safe. 
Austin’s outfits, which I’m totally obsessed with, more than any designs on the show, was again bizarre.

 (Leather pants, circa 1980-something Courtesy of
Speaking of Miss Scarlett, he was safe this week. In the bottom? (rim shot!) were Michael (finally!), Jerell, and Anthony. On top, Rami and Mondo…and thank God Mondo finally won a challenge and he damn well better win the whole thing! 

(Courtesy of
Oh yeah, this week’s guest judge was hockey player (?!?) Sean Avery; he interned at VOGUE and he apparently has some sort of fashion sense. In other words, they were desperate. That’s all I got. Next week the designers pair off, as 8 are now left, to face-off against one another, hmmm?   


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