Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 6 (Wrestlin’ With Polka Dots)

Wrestling seems way too manly for the All-Stars, but this week the eight remaining designers had to pair off in a “Fashion Face-Off”. Ironically, wrestling was also the theme on this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and it was fierce! Well, I only use the wrestling theme because Mondo says this week’s challenge is like Wrestlemania, well, Fashionmania.
The paired off designers were assigned a season and to design sportswear for said season. Kara and Austin got Spring, Mondo and Kenley got Summer, Mila and Rami got Autumn, and Michael and Jerell got Winter. Naturally, Jerell decides he wants to design a coat, however, Costello also wants to design a coat-like thing, and as he moves along in his creative process, Jerell gets suspicious. Mondo and Kenley opt for polka dots. Quote from Mondo, “if she (Kenley) is the polka dot queen, I’m the polka dot princess”, polka dots? Really? Why not embrace their competitive spirit?
(I’m not gay brother! Courtesy of Flickr/reubendn)
Costello is not a sportswear designer, and neither is Mila. I thought she was in trouble, because she decided to take on a cape and she had never made one before. That’s why there are called “challenges”! I don’t remember Mila at all, I think she was on the season when I got sick of the show and I decided not to watch. It obviously didn’t take or I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Ha Ha huh? After an awkward dinner break where Jerell and Michael argue about their coats again, both decide to forge ahead and let the judges decide.
  (Yeah, not similar at all, Courtesy of
As expected, the judges favored Jerell’s over Michael’s and for the first time in two weeks, Costello ended up on the low-scoring end (Finally!). Moving on to the Summer face-off, I was totally expecting Mondo to take it, but…
(Courtesy of
The judges were more impressed with Kenley’s design, even though she keeps repeating the same concept with the short sleeves and such. By the way, when Kenley gets a hold of a pair of scissors, watch out! Didn’t she throw a cat at an ex-boyfriend??? As boring as Kenley is, she’s been well-behaved this season. No sassing the judges, yet. 
Austin, Mondo, Michael, and Rami ended up losing their fashion face-offs and sadly…
    (Say it ain’t so, Courtesy of
Rami was sent home and Jerell won the challenge. One side note, Rami’s designs were seen during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, yes, draping pays off!
 (Rami’s designs on the front row Courtesy of Project Runway’s Facebook/
Next week: one word…BROADWAY!!!!

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