Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 7 (I Only Know "Day By Day")

(Courtesy of Flickr/kevin dooley)
For the first time ever in the history of the Project Runway franchise, the designers were asked to design a costume for a character in a Broadway show. I don’t know how this challenge never came up considering 90 percent of the seasons have in NYC. The show? The Broadway revival of Godspell. Why? Because the characters in the show are never defined by what they wear, in fact, they don’t really have names. The musical, composed by Tony winner and Oscar winner Stephen Schwartz, is an urban re-telling of the Gospel of St. Matthew. I saw the movie version from 1973 a couple of years ago and I actually liked it. The designers’ character must be dressed on-stage by her fellow cast members, so separates were on the slate.
Okay, since I’ve had a busy week and weekend ahead, I’m going to try something a little different. Pictures from the episode!!!!

(Yes, Kenley had rollers in hair, did she have a premonition? I doubt it.)

(Austin is the zone, will Broadway inspire him? If not, his hat will.)

(The workroom turns into a mini-salon, why the rollers?)

(The two designers that are lucky to still be there are goofing off, oh Lord!)

(“See what I want to do is…is hold my hands in a questionable position”)

(“Who am I?)

(The most heterosexual moment Michael will ever have.)

(Kara wanted to “YMCA” but then just gave up, surprised?)

(If Kenley has backed off her annoying behavior, this lesbian prom moment isn’t helping.)

(Speaking of another designer who is lucky to still be there, nice prostitute chic Mila.)

(Mondo’s jazz hands leave a lot to be desired, but his design WON!)

(Austin’s ode to Marie Antoinette placed 2nd.)

(In the bottom, obviously…the bow? WTF?)
And yes, one of season 2’s brightest stars faded as Kara Janx was eliminated, six designers remain. Damnit, I forgot to mention, Anything Goes Broadway star Sutton Foster served as guest judge. She agreed with me on Mila’s “prostitute/pre-Pretty Woman” disaster. Unless Kenley screws up really bad next week, Mila will be on the chopping block, but who knows? Everyone is vulnerable. I would tell you about next week’s challenge, oh wait, I remember, the designers head to the United Nations….it’s been a long week.


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