Larry The Quaker Oats Guy

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Where the hell have I been? The Quaker Oats guy is named Larry? It was revealed this week, the company has decided to give “Larry” a makeover, as to adapt to society’s new attitude towards a healthier lifestyle.
But that’s not the real story. When I see at this dignified looking Quaker, but wait is he really a Quaker?, I think of a more dignified name like John, Thomas, Patrick, or hell even Phineas. But Larry? Larry is the name of a Stooge, Larry is the name of a Cable Guy, it is NOT the name of a Quaker. The only Quaker I know is our late President Richard Nixon. Richard is a good name, why not Richard? Or Dicky? For the hell of it, I looked up some other famous Quakers, and I was surprised: Susan B. Anthony, Ben Kingsley, and Bonnie Raitt. Here’s the full Wikipedia (trust!) list.
Now to the makeover. 
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Larry has lost his double chin, his lovely white tresses have been shortened to make him look thinner, but we still don’t what’s below the shoulders. Like Clay Aiken, Larry has had some fat sucked out of his face. Oh that’s good Larry, take a short cut! Don’t encourage me to eat your precious oatmeal that is just sitting in my cabinet, beckoning me to prepare it you smug bastard! I’m just overwhelmed. I’m all for healthy, but that name will bother me for a while.

Review: Madonna-MDNA

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Madonna is back! I went into buying it and then listening to it with an attitude of, “let’s see”, and I was slightly thrown off. Listening to MDNA is a bit like listening to a mash-up of Ray of Light and Confessions on a Dancefloor. It reminded me more of Ray of Light and not just because Madonna brought back producer William Orbit for about half of the tracks. It seems these days, Madonna’s albums reflect what’s going on in her life. Ray of Light reflected the birth of her daughter Lourdes, who you’ll hear singing back up on MDNA‘s “Superstar” and it reflected all those voice lessons she got in preparation for Evita. Is Madonna a better singer now? Maybe. 
So what’s going on in Madonna’s world now? She’s a divorced mother of three, Loudes will be 16 this October, and Madonna is telling us all about it. The divorce part that is.
I see the album divided into two parts: the first half, which includes the new single “Girl Gone Wild”, “Gang Bang”, “I’m Addicted”, “Turn Up the Radio”, “Give Me All Your Luvin'”, “Some Girls” and “Superstar” is the fun half of the album, it’s got all the dance, clubby stuff. “Gang Bang” is especially interesting; does Madonna have an obsession with guns? And I love that she brought in the talents of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., but I don’t like the track featuring M.I.A “B-day Song”-it’s dreadful but it’s only on the Deluxe Explicit Edition, which is what I purchased. 
The album’s “OMG, I’m divorced!” part starts with the track, “I Don’t Give A” featuring Minaj. What follows are some the album’s more beautiful tracks. I love “Falling Free”, “Love Spent” and the track that was written and produced for Madonna’s directorial debut W.E. “Masterpiece”. The bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition are okay, “Beautiful Killer” is the best. Plus, we get a remixed version of “Give Me All Your Luvin'” by LMFAO, who joined Madonna at the Super Bowl and they are said to be joining the pop singer for some overseas tour dates.
MDNA is not my favorite Madonna album, but it’s a diverse journey that’s worth listening to, it’s a good ride. And for fun, here’s the awesome video for “Girl Gone Wild”:

Ryan Murphy Must Love NeNe Leakes Because…

The self-proclaimed “rich bitch” has landed a role on Murphy’s new sitcom for NBC, The New Normal. Will she be appearing on GLEE again? Yes! I must say Leakes is seriously distancing herself from the Atlanta housewives and Bravo. The New Normal sounds a little like ABC and Emmy darling Modern Family, but I’m sure with Ryan Murphy at the helm, nothing will be as cute and cuddly. 
I think I’m just afraid NeNe will end up being typecast in her renewed acting interests, but again, it’s Ryan Murphy! Her character will most likely have a dark side, but I’m sure will mostly serve as an element of comic relief. All of this puts the debate of who is the biggest break out star from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to rest. I know Kim Zolciak, who got a spin-off (Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding) would like to think it’s her, but really, Zolciak isn’t wrapped up in the goings-on of Leakes anymore. I miss their fights! I suppose they all have to grow up. And by the way, it was announced last week, Kim and new hubby Kroy Biermann are expecting their second baby, so Kim doesn’t stay out of the headlines for long. But we have always known NeNe is the real star. No, I haven’t forgotten Kandi Buruss, she’s a star but with a different path and she has chosen to increase her visibility little by little, which is a much better plan.
I cannot wait until this Housewives’ season four reunion! I wonder who will get the most attention?

Project Runway All-Stars Finale (And My Final PR Blog!)

Oh Lord, don’t cry! I just think I need to move on. Will I still watch it? Maybe. Season 10 will begin airing this summer. I know I write a lot of other blogs, but I need to put this subject to bed. Thank goodness we’re going out on a good note: SPOILER ALERT!
Season 8 runner-up Mondo Guerra finally won the big one. Why? He walked that fine line between wearable/sellable and totally creative, whereas Austin Scarlett went totally over the top and Michael Costello made his collection too commercial. Of course I’m bummed Austin didn’t win. I’ve loved him since season one, which seems now like it aired a billion years ago.
So, for one last time, picture/caption time!
(ABC lead singer Martin Fry doppleganger, Ken Downing of Nieman Marcus, scary-looking!)
(“Girl you ain’t gonna win, but I’ll help you anyway!”…good to see old Anthony again.)
(“Look, I won!” Michael thought it would be cool to also point.)
(What’s one last blog without a shot of Austin entangled in some type of frilly fabric.)
(“Hey, how about a pocket for your cervix?”
(Liza getting her hair did before the big show.)
And since I’m such a big fan of Miss Austin, let’s took a look back at his time on All-Stars…GOOD BYE!
(sorry for the alignment)

Survivor’s Colton: AppendixGate (SPOILER-Y!)

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Although Colton Cumbie may be one of the most hated contestants in Survivor history, viewers won’t have him to kick around anymore. As Colton and new tribemate, Alicia (she is Ani DiFranco’s doppleganger) continued to berate Christina and talk shit, Colton was getting sicker by the minute. Lack of food and water is the main reason I’ll never attempt to get on this show. I have an f’ed up colon to start with; I can’t even imagine what those conditions would do to me. Apparently, Colton didn’t know either until it was too late.
Following another Manono reward challenge loss, footage started to show Colton’s head in Christina’s lap, I guess she was thinking if she would take care of Colton, he would change his call on the vote, nope! So we then see several shots of Colton writhing and whimpering in pain on his side. Christina made the call to bring in the medical team. After an intital assessment, the doctors determined Colton may have had acute appendicitis and that they would have to TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GAME to get further tests and to determine if he would need surgery. I screamed out! I could not believe what was happening. Colton was nearly inconsolable as he begged Jeff to let him stay. Nothing doing, Colton was told to say his goodbyes and in a very Colton move, he kept his hidden immunity idol “as a souvenir”. Hilarious! To say the least, Alicia was pissed, I cannot stand her! So with Colton gone, the tribes officially merged and no one was voted out. It’s going to get good with everyone scrambling around.
However, this afternoon, a new issue came to light. Colton did NOT have apppendicitis! According to his interview with E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, Cumbie revealed his GI tract was inflamed and he was put on antibiotics, no surgery. I suppose at the time, the medical team had to make sure, but Cumbie’s appendix, as of now, is still intact.
It’s all being touted as karma, and it was, but I would say Colton is glad his medical issues weren’t worse than they seemed. Damn, he had a great chance to win. I pray we see him again if the show does another All-Stars season. PLEASE CBS!

The Walking Dead Finale: I Still Have Questions!

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Well, I said I wasn’t going to write a blog follow last night’s “game changing” season 2 finale of The Walking Dead, but I still have a lot of burning questions. 
Honestly, how hard can it be? If I was living in a post-apocalyptic world and if I had a child, that child would be attached to my hip! Survival is the key and keeping the youngest alive is essential, but the writers seem to think Carl has this “going rogue” streak in him, therefore he can slip away without any consequences. I think the writers are also setting up bigger responsibilities for Carl in season 3. So be it, but Lori, you are the worst mother ever.At least Rick has a little bit of sense. If only Baby Huey survived….
I tweeted this question to the after show–The Talking Dead— last night, but it’s only a 30 minute show; I was bumped and I’m pissed because I think it’s a great question that can be answered without giving anything anyway. And I’m wondering since Hershel wanted to believe the walkers were just “sick”. Did he know something? I agree it sucks Rick didn’t tell the group until the finale, but it’s a perfect cliffhanger. I just question how long does the virus lie dormant, because Randall and Shane turned very quickly, and everyone else, I assume, has been exposed for the same amount of time.
I got the impression after Rick’s big speech at the end, the group wasn’t quite sold on continuing to trust him. So who steps up? I pray it’s Daryl! He’s fearless, he’s reckless, yet he’s practical. I don’t think the group has trusted Rick for a while and when they all find out he killed Shane, here comes the cold shoulder. Rick is just tired and is very crazy right now; he can’t imagine where the group can survive. So, now, a prison? This has been a big feature in the comic books, so fans are extra pumped for next season.
I thought she would, but then this hooded figure saved her by slicing the head off a walker who was about to make Andrea meat. This new character, Michonne, is another big fan favorite who will finally appear next season. I figure Andrea needed to get away from the group, but will she be happy? I think so. She’s rogue for sure.
Ha Ha! I still can’t get over how much Glen has matured. He finally told Maggie he loved her, but now they are both infected. Not very romantic. But isn’t prison sex supposed to be hot? Awkward maybe, hot, no.
I think I can answer this: NO!
I guess we’ll all be left for dead until October, I cannot wait!

The Walking Dead Finally Gets Good, But There’s Only One Episode Left

**I’ll do my best to not spoil anything, but hell, I think everyone has seen or read about this last episode**
When season 2 of The Walking Dead premiered last October, I couldn’t wait! Season 1, though short, pretty much ruled. However, the first few episodes were devoid of any big “walker” attacks and they were devoid of any sustained suspense. Okay, I guess the search for Sophia counts, and when Carl got shot. Yeah, it was all about the kids for the first time. The term I heard and read a lot about concerning the first seven episodes of this season? Soap opera. Abort! Abort! Glen started to grow up, so boring and he eventually would lose his virginity to Maggie. I missed his “Short Round” look. In short, with the cap, Glen is cool, without it, he’s a sensitive wuss boy. The episodes began to focus more on morality than true survival. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Yes, Shane became as whack-a-doodle as ever, especially when he went to retrieve a respirator with Otis (part of a new group) and when a big group of walkers gained up on them, Shane sacrificed Otis, and he then shaved his head to hide a suspicious gash. And we all know when a character in anything shaves his/her head, it’s on! 
Part of the slow down was due to the original group unintentionally joining a new group led by veterinarian Hershel Greene and his family. See, when Carl got shot, Hershel’s farm just happened to be nearby, thus he jumped into action to save the boy. What followed were a succession of episodes where either Rick, Shane, or Glen and Maggie (Hershel’s daughter/Glen’s woman) leave the farm, or Daryl would leave to search for Sophia. Well, hell, I guess they all went and searched for Sophia at some point. A lot of critics viewed the search for Sophia as wasted time, until….it was discovered Hershel was keeping a barn full of walkers, which included members of his family, because he thought they were just sick (which technically, they are) and not just dead people aimlessly walking the landscape searching for fresh blood. The climax of the first set of episodes came when Shane let all the barn walkers loose and one by one, they were executed. But when one last walker emerged, it was a child, it was SOPHIA! That’s when my confidence in the show was sharply renewed. Her mother Carol is not the only one in shock, and Rick had no choice but to put a bullet through the young girl’s brain. Fans would have to wait until February to see what would happen next. 
What came next was the best episodes since the series began. Survival mode and walker rampages finally kicked in again. There was still that annoying moral conflict struggle, but it was mixed just right with some good old fashioned zombie kills, not to mention the guys pick up a hostage, Randall, who is part of yet another group, and we’re led to believe they are all reckless rednecks. Rick’s wife, Lori, who is the one character I cannot stand, finds out in the first set of episodes that she’s pregnant, and really, she’s no help at all this season. And would it kill her to pull back her hair just once? The only reason I can still sort of tolerate Andrea is because she didn’t become as heartless as she would seem by the time Dale bit the big one at the hands of a walker who Carl was supposed to kill. Do not get me started on Carl! If you are a fan, you know what I mean. If he survives the season finale or beyond, I’ll be shocked. 
I suppose the last few episodes were all about Shane’s demise into madness. I couldn’t believe he kept on living, and not just because of the dire circumstances of the world around him. He lost everything, all because Rick lived. And truly, I think Lori still loved Shane, but she came to her senses because of his questionable behavior. When Shane lets Randall go, he misleads him into thinking he wants to join Randall’s group, which I think would have made an interesting plot development. Damn. He just lied again and Rick had had enough. And Shane wanted to die, but did he want to become a walker? We’ll never know and I hope we find out why both Shane and Randall turned into walkers without getting bit. One theory out there is that the virus has become airborne and it apparently has a dormant period, but for how long? I probably should wait and write after Sunday’s season finale, but screw it, I love The Walking Dead again and I ain’t afraid to say it. Will there be a third season? You bet!
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Survivor’s Colton Cumbie: The RAREST Gay Republican

And I use the word “rarest” for a reason. Who knew this little old twink from Alabama would be in control of the all-male Manono tribe. Certainly not after the initial men vs. women aka “One World” situation was introduced. At first glance, Colton Cumbie seemed to never fit in with the guys’ tribe, so he would hang out with the girls, yet they finally decided he shouldn’t hang around anymore. I think his fellow dudes made the mistake of underestimating him, and he turned the tide by forming an alliance of other outcasts, including Survivor‘s first little person to ever compete, Leif. Colton is by the far the most flamboyant gay man to ever play the game. Sure, Season 1 winner Richard Hatch may flaunted his nakedness around, but he’s got nothing on Colton. But here’s the kicker, Colton is not only gay and Republican–what is up with that?–he just might be a bigot and a racist. Even if he was brought up with black housekeepers and he’s never had a real job, he’s not afraid to say it, as this week’s volunteer Tribal Council proved. 
It’s totally unfair to form an opinion about someone without getting to know him or her, but Colton made up his mind about stand-up comedian Bill–who is black–by just throwing around a lot of degrading phrases like calling him “ghetto trash” and telling him he needs to get a “real job”. I doubt Colton could throw a stone, but he heaved a hell of a lot of them at Bill. Nevertheless, the Survivor producers have molded Colton into this season’s break-out star/villain. Why do the gays always have to be “villains”? And just because, here’s another look at this week’s historic and bat shit crazy Tribal Council (Courtesy of

The episode was titled “Bum-Puzzled” for a reason, well that Jay guy said it, but Oh My God!!!!
My writing may be premature, because apparently next week, girlfriend gets thrown off by a twist, and something tells me either the tribes are merging or at the very least, integrating (no pun intended!)
I also loved when Tarzan had his Tourette’s moment when he went on and on about how race shouldn’t be an issue in this country. Needless to say, I’m entertained and just how despicable will Colton get?  One more parting shot, Colton’s Twitter account. You’re welcome!

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 10 (It’s Almost Over!)

And I say “It’s almost over!” with great enthusiasm. I’ve decided once and for all, this will be the last Project Runway season I’ll be blogging about. I won’t bring up the usual excuses, it’s been crap since it moved to Lifetime, I’m tired, etc. I just want some peace. It’s funny when I think about it. I keep hanging on to the possibility something good will happen and it doesn’t, it’s all very predictable now. And this group of “all-stars” has been very disappointing. Sorry, but when Kenley Collins AND Michael Costello are in the final four, it’s not exciting.
(Bizarro Seinfeld times infinity!
The producers have exhausted every possible option for a challenge and this week’s was good, but sort of boring. The designers met with Nanette Lepore and she is one of the struggling designers trying to save NYC’s garment district. The designers had to make a garment on a very tight budget for both fabrics and trim. I think the only good part this week, Kenley finally found her claws and brought them out with Lepore criticized her design in the workroom. When Kenley originally incorporated a detail Lepore liked, Kenley removed it in favor of this peacock print.
(And wouldn’t you know, it’s the same darn ol’ dress she’s put on the runway week in and week out.
So basically, Kenley’s mouth and attitude we all remember so well cost her this week. Spoiler alert! Kenley will NOT be in the finale. I thought I would be rooting for Mondo, but I really want Austin to win on principle.
(Check my design stats yo!
He’s the true definition of an out there designer and he deserves this long-overdue chance to win…in reality, he’s been the most entertaining part of the season. While I’m scanning next week’s NCAA tournament, I’ll be watching Austin Scarlett, hopefully, take the crown…