Bravo Gives Us The Best Flash Mob Ever!

I was apprehensive about watching It’s A Brad Brad World simply because I thought it was so wrong for former Rachel Zoe styling assistant Brad Goreski to branch out on his own, especially after Taylor Jacobsen screwed over Zoe after season one aired. But budding talent can never be held back and I think Brad is proving that. And although the show focused a lot on Goreski’s adventure into getting his own styling business off the ground, I love that another big focus of the show was his relationship with longtime boyfriend, former Will & Grace and Family Guy writer Gary Janetti. After watching, I’m not sure who’s gayer, though Janetti insists it’s Brad. 
In Monday night’s finale, Gary was feverishly putting together the perfect party for the couple’s tenth anniversary. I’m surprised he didn’t explode. Brad suited up in bow tie and all and little did we and the other guests know what was about to happen. In the clip, Gary sets everything up, that Brad loves Les Miserables but he never got to see it on stage, let alone on Broadway…this is even better….
It’s a good thing Gary and Brad are friends with Megan Mullally among so many other talented people…it made my eyes leak a little, it made me happy, and…it made me long for the day I can celebrate so many years of being in love…I just hope it’s this cool…

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