Review: Madonna-MDNA

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Madonna is back! I went into buying it and then listening to it with an attitude of, “let’s see”, and I was slightly thrown off. Listening to MDNA is a bit like listening to a mash-up of Ray of Light and Confessions on a Dancefloor. It reminded me more of Ray of Light and not just because Madonna brought back producer William Orbit for about half of the tracks. It seems these days, Madonna’s albums reflect what’s going on in her life. Ray of Light reflected the birth of her daughter Lourdes, who you’ll hear singing back up on MDNA‘s “Superstar” and it reflected all those voice lessons she got in preparation for Evita. Is Madonna a better singer now? Maybe. 
So what’s going on in Madonna’s world now? She’s a divorced mother of three, Loudes will be 16 this October, and Madonna is telling us all about it. The divorce part that is.
I see the album divided into two parts: the first half, which includes the new single “Girl Gone Wild”, “Gang Bang”, “I’m Addicted”, “Turn Up the Radio”, “Give Me All Your Luvin'”, “Some Girls” and “Superstar” is the fun half of the album, it’s got all the dance, clubby stuff. “Gang Bang” is especially interesting; does Madonna have an obsession with guns? And I love that she brought in the talents of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., but I don’t like the track featuring M.I.A “B-day Song”-it’s dreadful but it’s only on the Deluxe Explicit Edition, which is what I purchased. 
The album’s “OMG, I’m divorced!” part starts with the track, “I Don’t Give A” featuring Minaj. What follows are some the album’s more beautiful tracks. I love “Falling Free”, “Love Spent” and the track that was written and produced for Madonna’s directorial debut W.E. “Masterpiece”. The bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition are okay, “Beautiful Killer” is the best. Plus, we get a remixed version of “Give Me All Your Luvin'” by LMFAO, who joined Madonna at the Super Bowl and they are said to be joining the pop singer for some overseas tour dates.
MDNA is not my favorite Madonna album, but it’s a diverse journey that’s worth listening to, it’s a good ride. And for fun, here’s the awesome video for “Girl Gone Wild”:

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