Whitney Houston’s Final On-Screen Appearance Debuts

As shocked as the world was to lose Whitney Houston, today marked the debut of Houston’s final on-screen appearance in the remake of 1976’s Sparkle. Yep, that’s Cee Lo Green…with hair!

Although the original film came out before Dreamgirls hit Broadway, then the Tony-winning musical hit the big screen in 2006, the vibe and the look of the two films is very similar. Irene Cara portrayed Sparkle in the original, and she’s awesome, this time around, it’s the last female to win American Idol, Jordin Sparks. Sparks, Sparkle, it makes sense. This may be reductive (thanks Madonna!), but the most famous song from Sparkle is “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” sang by Aretha Franklin on the soundtrack and performed by Sparkle and her sisters in the film. En Vogue covered the track in 1992 and made it a top 10 hit.

We see Houston a lot in the trailer, but we only see just a tad bit of her singing. She was said to be in great shape when filming and she was trying to get her legendary voice back to its signature sound. It just makes me happy to see Whitney Houston doing what she loved and it make me sad it all came to a screeching halt on February 11th.

Sparkle is set to be released on August 17th.


2 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Final On-Screen Appearance Debuts

  1. When I saw the facial expression of CNN’s Don Lemon, who interrupted the special “Black in America: The New Promised Land-Silicon Valley” with breaking news, I knew something tragic had happened in America. My mind raced a mile a minute trying to figure out who had gone on to glory too soon. When Lemon announced the death of Whitney Houston, my mood last Saturday became somber. Much like after the death of Michael Jackson, I almost shed a tear thinking about growing up in the 1980s with their hit songs being constantly played by Magic 102 FM in Houston.*

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