The Shade Of It All: Latrice Royale Exits RuPaul’s Drag Race

Good God Girl Get a Grip! Oh, the agony of finding out Latrice Royale was eliminated on this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, I was NOT happy.

I try to stay off Twitter because of spoilers when I’m at work, but it’s not always successful. And this goes for staying in tune with all the other primetime shows I record for later. However, Twitter was not the spoiler culprit last night, it was Get Glue. I almost always make it back home by no later than 9:15p, and I don’t always check in to Get Glue for my various stickers. So I accidentally discovered Latrice was eliminated. I started to feel sad, but I would forge on and I would watch the inevitable.

Let’s be honest here, Latrice was the first big girl ever in the competition who had a good shot at winning. All the big girls of the past: Stacy Layne Matthews, Delta Work, and even Jiggly Caliente, they didn’t have it. Latrice had no insecurities about her size, she embraced it and she made it work time and time again. Attitude, but not too much (Phi Phi I’m calling you out bitch!), is essential for drag queens. Latrice’s attitude mixed in with some words of wisdom made her a delight to root for.

So who should win? I’m still betting on Sharon Needles. Phi Phi O’Hara, don’t get me started! Chad Michaels is really the odd queen out. She’s fierce and she’ll be able to milk the Cher card for the rest of her life, but is she edgy enough to win? If Chad wins, I won’t complain. She would also be the oldest queen to win. We’ll find in two weeks and then the REUNION! It better be sickening! I leave you with a video of Latrice performing and it’s just awesome…


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