“Goodbye Horses”: The Truth Revealed

After 20 years, The Silence of the Lambs is still a beautiful and chilling film. I always try to watch a movie, or maybe two every Friday night. I didn’t plan on watching Buffalo Bill tuck his penis, but it’s one of those movies you have to watch when you find it on cable. And the tucking scene is set off by a haunting song, “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus. I posted on Get Glue I was watching it and then I found a video of the song and posted it as well. But here’s what you didn’t know.

The track was originally featured on another Jonathan Demme movie soundtrack, a movie released three years beforeĀ Lambs, Married to the Mob. What’s even more surprising, “Goodbye Horses” is NOT on the Lambs’ soundtrack. But wait, it gets better…

Q Lazzarus, is…a woman! Uh, okay. Oh Wikipedia, surely you jest. It’s true and she appeared in two other Demme films, Something Wild and Philadelphia. I now remember her performance in the latter.

Hi there.

She is very androgynous, like Tracy Chapman meets Lisa Bonet. Even though the song was not on the Lambs’ soundtrack, Lazzarus re-released the song to capitalize on the popularity and the omission. And the track has been used in other films and television. However, I’ve never seen the song featured in any of those “one-hit wonder” specials. It’s also been covered half a dozen times. Here’s the original version from the Married to the Mob soundtrack.

Honestly, somewhat stripped down, you can tell it’s a female voice. It’s bizarre, but I guess no more bizarre than this.


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