Jose Canseco’s Twitter Account Is A Revelation

Long ago...(tonystl/Flickr)

See this Jose Canseco Topps Rookie card? I stole mine from the desk of another classmate in 6th grade. Petty theft and no one ever found out, until now. 25 years ago, that card meant everything to me, and so did Canseco. Up until the mid-late 80s, I never really had a true MLB team that I rooted for. I grew up with basic cable and we got TBS, so many a Braves game was watched in my household; I have NEVER liked the Braves.

I was determined to root for the Oakland A’s and Canseco and his fellow “bash brother” Mark McGwire. So I did. In 1988, Canseco became the first MLB player in history to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a season, thus anointing the 40-40 club. In 1989, in the aftermath of the worst earthquake to hit the Bay Area in over 80 years, the A’s swept the Giants in 4 games to win the World Series. The A’s were swept the next year by the Cincinnati Reds. By 1991, although was still producing strong numbers (he hit 44 dingers that season), his big time stats had started to level off. What followed was roughly ten years of misfit baseball, capitalized by a fly ball hitting his head and going over the fence for a home run in a 1993 game when was with the Rangers. Which brings me to Canseco’s Twitter account.

You’ll see stories popping up this week about Canseco’s tweets concerning the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. In short, the former outfielder said global warming could have prevented the tragic accident; come on, that’s not too crazy! Who knew a player who would blow the whistle on the use of steroids in baseball (see Juiced!) would find a new calling, ahem, last desperate attempt to connect with his fans and the world. On that sports blooper, Canseco tweeted the play should’ve counted as a “four base error” because if he had caught it, it wouldn’t have been a hit. (It should be noted, as I am typing this, my Twitter has gone down or temporarily crashed…irony?)  Okay, for some reason, YouTube does not have the infamous home run, but here’s a Canseco moment that’s even sadder to watch:

Yep, a softball homer…and not even in a game….by the way, here’s some more info on the embarrassing homer.

Even the best sink lower than you thought they would….JUST SAY NO! But say YES to following Canseco on Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Jose Canseco’s Twitter Account Is A Revelation

  1. My ear was glued to the “bash brothers” too. Remember when Mark McGwire gave back part of his salary one year because he was only hitting around .200? That was a very long time ago…

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