Sheree Whitfield Retreats First From “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

Die Mommy Die!

In a surprising turn of events, well, not really, Atlanta’s most hated misunderstood housewife, Sheree Whitfield, has announced she is not returning to the Bravo’s Haus of Atlanta. It appears NeNe’s impending/rumored departure from the hit reality show has been, pun intended, “Trumped”.  Okay, to be fair, there hasn’t been any confirmed reports that Leakes is leaving the show. However, with all of her acting gigs piling up, I still think her departure is imminent. I’m sure by the end of the day, we’ll hear NeNe’s take on Sheree’s one-up decision, in other words, keep a close eye on her Twitter feed.

Whitfield’s statement is brief, but if you really take a look at it, you see the rampant hypocrisy. I love this quote:

“After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave. The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness.”

Tired of the fighting and catiness??? (Click the following links for the evidence) Season 1, when NeNe is not on Sheree’s party guest list. (It’s so weird to see Leakes with long hair!). Season 2, Sheree attempts to pull Kim’s wig off. Season 2 again, Sheree fights with a party planner. In season 3, it seemed like everyone fought with Dwight and Sheree couldn’t be left out. This season, Sheree took her catiness and jealousy to whole other level, first the infamous Nene throwdown aka “I’m very rich bitch!” And finally, my favorite, Sheree and Marlo (who joins part 2 of the RHOA reunion tonight! 8pm Central) go at it in South Africa. Those faces are priceless.

So, what will become of Sheree Whitfield? I really don’t care as long as I never have to see her face again after the last part of this season’s reunion airs on Sunday. Sure, reality shows are sometimes edited to show people in a different light, but I don’t think Sheree was ever unfairly edited. She was really out of control this season and whether she was prodded or not, she stirred up a lot of shit or Shit by Sheree. The sad part is, without Bravo, Sheree will regret not staying on the radar, but if she wants to “Fly Above” all the drama, good for her. She’ll get her fifteen minutes in accordance with today’s announcement, I hope you enjoy it Boo-Boo!


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