When Amish Attack! (With Battery-Powered Clippers!)

I read about this last week and I’m not really sure what to say except I’m a little more afraid of the Amish than I was before. I recently saw a documentary on the the Amish and a new show on Nat Geo, Amish: Out of Order, which focuses on members who leave the faith, some for good, some go back, is probably bringing a lot of unwanted attention to a people I believed to be quiet and non-violent, yet they are mocked and misunderstood. Then we heard about the Mullet (real last name!) clan in Ohio. Smile!

Thy be booked!

I mean what would drive these traditional pacifists to violently remove the identity (beards, hair) of their fellow brethren? Did a barn raising or quilting bee go bad? And the last place the Amish want to end up is in the public eye or be forced to use a telephone. These four lovely ladies have been added to the indictment and they will be arraigned this Thursday along with the other 12 charged.

It's not easy being green or Amish.

None of the stories I found can define a reason why the Mullets engaged in such rash behavior. All I know is “Weird” Al Yankovic must be a happy man these days. Are thee up for an ass-whooping? I think they’re punishment should be to watch “Amish Paradise” on a continuous loop.

Amish: Out of Order airs Tuesday nights at 10E/9C on Nat Geo Channel.


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