Punching A Pregnant Man In The Crotch Is Not Cool!

Talk about "A Piece of Work".

News broke this week the pregnant “man”, Thomas Beatie has separated from his wife of nine years after allegations of physical abuse, and one instance involved a punch in the crotch. It should be noted, Beatie has only recently undergone his sex reassignment surgery. So that crotch punch was his the lady-posing-as-a-dude days. Ouch!

Yes, Joan Rivers wrote and directed a movie in 1978 about a pregnant man starring Billy Crystal called Rabbit Test, I would call the Beatie incident more of a rabid test. Let’s not forget the 1994 Arnold Schwazenegger gem Junior in which Arnold’s character gets pregnant, by, oh Lord, actual sex. I’ve seen bits and pieces (pun!) of Junior and it’s not an Oscar-winner. Who knew all these comedic situations would come to life in 2008 when Beatie became pregnant via cryogenics when his wife Nancy could not conceive and Thomas would go on to carry two more children.

Who is this Chaz Bono?

All right, I’m trying my best not to mock the situation, if I mock, I mock with love, because there are tons of gay couples who want children and when all the doors close, desperate measures are taken. On the other hand, it’s sad the Beaties have landed back in the public eye in such an ugly fashion. It provides fuel for the fire for all the Christian, conservative, One Million Moms people, yep, it’s another excuse to bash gay parenting. This situation would have played out a lot differently if Thomas had had the kids before he decided to start hormone therapy, because a pregnant man with facial hair just looks odd. Yes, there is comedy in it, but it’s only because Beatie went public in the first place, and I wouldn’t doubt the strain of being in the public eye has something to do with the decline of the relationship. Sometimes, things just don’t work out and so on and so forth.

But getting punched in the crotch is damn funny, no matter who it is, but I’m sorry it had to be Thomas Beatie.


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