Lisa Lampanelli: Celebrity Apprentice Mean Girl

"Bitch please!"

You know, I’ve always liked Lisa Lampanelli as a comedian, but on Celebrity Apprentice, she’s turned into someone who is more likely to have a violent mood swing rather than to crack one of her classic dirty jokes. There’s no doubt she wants to win, and she has a really good chance to win, but at what cost? It’s plain to see through eleven tasks, Lampanelli has made it clear she’s not a fan of the pretty models/actresses who are really now all gone. I wouldn’t call Aubrey O’Day an anything, and then it’s only Teresa Giudice, who is also not recognized for anything beyond The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Lampanelli has been the “writer” for 90 percent of her team’s tasks. She’s played right into the stereotype that her abilities are just as important as a model’s or an actress’, it’s just they are not always visible.

In a way, Lampanelli is turning the competition on its ear by taking out all of the “pretty girls”, and that’s great, but when she paid absolutely zero respect to Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, things got out of hand. It’s unfair to assume Mendoza couldn’t contribute anything as a Project Manager or team member. Lampanelli always saw Miss Universe as Miss Universe, a woman incapable of thoughts or feelings. Yet, the comedian has had her breakdowns aka episodes, where she had to reiterate she wasn’t the pretty one by bawling and by stating she indeed had feelings feelings too. No, really? A competition show isn’t about feelings, it’s about pawing your way to the top of the heap and Lampanelli has made no qualms in doing just that.

Mendoza was totally set up by Lampanelli and Clay Aiken to be the pseudo-Project Manager for Sunday night’s task. I know the two were trying to make a point, but Mendoza was never given a chance. And after being called back to the board room a record seven times, Donald Trump got the message, although I bet he was not sure he made the right call, even though Dayana could not control Lampanelli or Aiken. But Trump loves to see the celebrities fight and cover their asses, there’s no show if there’s no fireworks.

Here’s my brutally honest theory: Mendoza was left out of tasks because of her language barrier and her accent, and the Miss Universe moniker was never going to help her out. Let’s not forget, Trump owns the Miss Universe pageant and he’s the reason she ever got a shot in the first place. Lisa may win, but she won’t be winning in a graceful and in a respectable manner. Here’s just one mood swing proud moment from Sunday’s show…I’ll get back to you, oh and although Clay was just as conniving this week, I hope he wins.


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