Review: Hatfields & McCoys

I would like to first congratulate the History Channel on their fine production, though it was shot in Romania, it was really goodPart one of Hatfields & McCoys drew the biggest audience ever for a “non-sports show on ad-supported cable” with 13.9 million viewers, until final numbers for the conclusion just came in: 14.3 million for the finale, incredible. It’s not surprising at all considering the summer re-run season has started. Another difference, this story was told with real actors and it wasn’t one of those historical re-enactment shows, I cannot stand those. The mini-series reunites star Kevin Costner with his buddy and director Kevin Reynolds, Reynolds directed one of Costner’s first films Fandango, and went on to direct Costner again in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and WaterworldCostner served as an executive producer, and his band, Modern West provided the soundtrack for this mini-series.

So how did all this start? The history of the feud goes back to before the Civil War ended Randall MCoy‘s cousin Asa, a Union soldier, was killed over (?) though the mini-series has Asa insulting Anderson Hatfield‘s Uncle Jim Vance, therefore Vance avenges his honor. By the way, I saw the name Tom Berenger in the credits but I could never figure out his role, Berenger is nearly unrecognizable as Vance and Vance is pure evil. But the official beginning of the feud is true, it was over a Hatfield stealing one of Randall’s hogs. And yes, Anderson’s son, Johnse, fell in love with Roseanna McCoy, and Johnse, it would seem, is the reason the feud kept going on as long as it did.

Matt Barr plays Johnse and Lindsay Pulsipher, last seen as Crystal one of the Were Panthers on last season of True Blood, plays Roseanna.

“Can I tie you up and claw at you?”

I asked my Dad, who used to be a history teacher, if guys looked like Johnse back then. I mean, Johnse had a rocking six-pack! My Dad said “Sure”, I forgot all the hard work our forefathers did with their hands, so muscle definition was possible and the Hatfields ran a logging company. Unfortunately, my heredity is sans six-packs, my Dad’s family, a lot them have big guts, some as big as a beer belly. Not me! I will probably never have rocking abs, but I do have a little bit of a gut. Johnse also marries another McCoy, Nancy, played by Jena Malone, who it looks like went to great lengths have the appearance of bad teeth.

Parts two and three were definitely better and they were a lot more bloodier, duh! Eye for an eye is an understatement. And who can play a weathered, old pioneer woman better than Mare Winningham as Sally McCoy?

I smell an Emmy, maybe a Golden Globe?

Bill Paxton plays Randall, who seems to be the only one who isn’t totally hell-bent on killing  every Hatfield in sight. Which brings me to the argument, who is better, Hatfield or McCoy? Although the Hatfields were the more affluent family, due to their logging business, they seemed to be more blood-thirsty. Whereas the McCoy clan, though wronged, were still blood-thirsty, I found myself sympathizing with them more. Or maybe it’s my Kentucky pride. 

I do want to touch on that ending. “Devil Anse” Hatfield proclaims the bloodshed to be over after his nephew Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts is hanged for the murder of McCoy daughter Alifair, it’s the only time we see a trial verdict handed down instead of an eye for an eye. Meanwhile Randall lopes off into seclusion to drink away what days he has left, after Sally is institutionalized following the same attack that killed her daughter. Then cut to “1914 Kentucky” and Randall is seen burning all the news clippings about the feud and when he decides to fuel the fire with whiskey, he sets himself and his cabin on fire. On the other side of the babbling brook state line in WV, Anse is seen being baptized and that’s the end. Huh? I was a little insulted, was the History Channel trying to tell us, the McCoys were a bunch of drunken fools? or were the Hatfields the anointed ones? 

The debate continues…and did you like Hatfields & McCoys?

Donna Summer Gets Bumped AGAIN, Attack Of The Catsuits, And P2 Wins American Idol

When I read who all was going to be performing with the American Idol finalists yesterday, I got very excited, and in the end, I fast forwarded through A LOT when I got home. I was most excited Kristin Chenoweth was going to join now runner-up Jessica Sanchez in a Donna Summer tribute. Well, I had totally forgotten about it, but then I realized, they probably cut it from the show. Seriously??? They hauled out John Fogerty for winner  Phillip Phillips, Chaka Khan (we’ll return to her in a moment) for the ladies, and Neil Diamond for the guys, but they CUT Donna Summer?!? I did some investigating, because I knew there had to be an explanation as to why the tribute medley didn’t happen. Several media outlets promoted Chenoweth’s appearance, but then I couldn’t find why we didn’t see her. I checked Chenoweth’s Twitter and I finally saw an answer:

Wrong again Uncle Nigel! Did he honestly forget that Summer was a guest judge and performed with the girls on the finale in Season 7? I’m more angry over this bump than I am the Billboard Music Awards bump. Not cool!

As far as what I did watch on the finale, there were some odd moments and one spectacular performance. First of all, Joshua Ledet had confessed his love for Season 3 winner Fantasia all season long, so, he got to do a duet with her. However, this is what Fantasia wore:

Someone’s late for her Catwoman audition! (Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Meow-what?!? Not only did Fantasia barely strut around in a catsuit that I’m pretty sure she found at drag queen rummage sale in North Carolina, but she donned a less than fabulous weave. I hate to say all of that distracted me from hearing if she could still sing. I hope Josh is happy now, and hopefully, he’s a little disappointed. All right, well, moving on, the female finalists sang a Chaka Khan medley, and I read she was going to be on the show, but I wasn’t ready for what she was wearing:

No words (John Shearer/Invision/AP)

Okay, two facts: 1. She is 59 and 2. She recently lost 60 pounds. Great news! And although Khan’s catsuit was far superior to Fantasia’s, I think she could have worn something different, like maybe a fitted dress. When Khan finally came out, she had to be literally carried down the steps by Idol’s on-stage dancing entourage. I was watching it with a friend and we couldn’t decide if there was a camel toe issue. I know the people at SPANX were very happy after Wednesday night.

The other odd moment for me was Season 5 finalist Ace Young proposing marriage to Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo. The ways producers come up with filler for a two hour show is staggering. I mean no one cares. Congratulations, but it was filler.

The best performance of the night came when Jessica Sanchez was joined by Tony-winner Jennifer Holliday for a fierce rendition of Holliday’s Dreamgirls essential, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. Oh Lord, this was awesome! Here’s my problem, in my eyes, Holliday is the ONLY woman/diva who should ever sing that song. The evidence is when Holliday joined her Dreamgirls movie and Oscar-winning Effie White counterpart Jennifer Hudson on-stage in Atlanta three years ago…just watch and listen for the “Oh my Gods”. If this doesn’t give you the goosies, you are not a music fan.

I give props to Jessica for holding her own with Holliday who looked like she was trying to bite off Sanchez’s face on certain phrases. And when Sanchez took on the showstopper during the season, I knew she had a fair shot at making the finale and maybe winning. But NOOOOOO! The Vote for the Worst site guy/gal (no one knows) may take credit for the fifth straight “white guy with guitar” win, but Phillip Phillips did all by himself and he’s probably on his way for his much needed kidney surgery that could have possibly knocked him out of the finale altogether.

Seriously America, I’m in a lot of pain, but thanks. (Yahoo)

In less than two weeks, the auditions for season 12 will begin…yep, it will keep going and going and going and going, you get the point.

American Idol 3rd Placers: Where Are They Now?

Tonight’s season 11 American Idol finale will be without Joshua Ledet, who I think has nothing to worry about as far as carving his own path in the music business. When Ryan Seacrest said “Jessica Sanchez” as the first finalist, Ledet was toast. Sanchez will face this year’s heartthrob/charity case (too harsh?) Phillip Phillips for the season 11 crown. Honestly, I don’t care who wins, but I would prefer Jessica aka BeBe Chez since it’s been five seasons since a female won. I love Jordin Sparks! I thought it would be neat if we looked back at the past ten 3rd place contestants, and see where Joshua’s fate fits in.

Season One: Nikki McKibbin I’ll always hear “Piece of my Heart” when I think of Nikki McKibbin on Idol. Although McKibbin was initially signed to 19 Management and RCA Records after Idol was over, they wanted her to record a country album, she refused, bye-bye major record deal. The next time I saw McKibbin was four years ago on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1. Yes, she had major problems, alcohol and drug abuse. I hated to see that happen, but a part of me wasn’t surprised. She’s been sober since 2009.

Season Two: Kimberley Locke This Belmont grad gave up her day job as an administrative assistant to audition in her hometown of Nashville, and I didn’t really think Kimberley Locke would go as far as she did, but as with every season of Idol, I was proven wrong. Locke’s post-Idol career hasn’t been as rocky. She signed with Curb Records and had a modest hit, “8th World Wonder”. After parting ways with Curb, Locke signed with (gulp!) Idol judge Randy Jackson’s Dream Merchant 21 label, but she only released one single. Nowadays, Locke is running her own label/entertainment company, I AM Entertainment. Lest we forget, Locke also appeared on season 5 of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club where she was constantly berated by Screech/Dustin Diamond, he was/still is a mega-bastard. Here’s a ditty from the group round, with disqualified contestant Frenchie Davis.

Season Three: Jasmine Trias Here’s our first 3rd placer who has not really had any post-Idol success in America. I would call Jasmine Trias one of the weaker contestants ever on the show. In fact, she may be the weakest out of all the 3rd placers. She does share a distinction with Jessica Sanchez, both are the only Filipino-Americans to reach the top 4 and top 3, and well, I guess Sanchez would be the first to make the finals. And where has the bulk of Trias’ success been, in the Philippines! Jasmine’s last whereabouts? In 2009 performing in Vegas with the Society of Seven, but she left the show a year later. The YouTube collection was bare or many were removed, but here’s “I’ll Never Love This Way Again”. Aloha!

Season Four: Vonzell Solomon Back to the good stuff. Vonzell Solomon was our first 3rd placer to be railroaded out of the finale which was made up of winner Carrie Underwood and runner-up Bo Bice. Solomon’s post-Idol career has had its non-music moments. Her Florida home burned in 2007, in 2008, Solomon was detained by security at a Florida airport when an unloaded gun was discovered in her luggage. But since she had a license to carry the weapon, she not arrested and charges were not pressed. And since Solomon was the highest-finishing contestant NOT offered a record contract from Idol (What?, this is the first time I’ve heard this!), she started her own independent label, Melodic Records. Baby V has the distinction of singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” on Idol and the song has been to death on the show ever since. Unfortunately, all of Solomon’s Idol performance videos have been pulled off YouTube. However, here is her “Idol Journey” video, it’s the best I could do, I guess she got thrown under the bus again.

Season Five: Eillott Yamin Season Five is where things started to get weird. Finishing behind Yamin in 4th place was Chris Daughtry, and we all know by now how big a success he’s become, oops America! Yamin is another 3rd placer who has not been totally forgotten. He ended up with a publishing deal at Sony/ATV and his post-Idol career started out slow. It wasn’t until a year after Idol that Yamin scored his first and only top 40 hit, “Wait For You”. His charity work has been more prominent in his post-Idol days as he appeared alongside then judge Kara DioGuardi in Angola as part of the Idol Gives Back special. He is also a help to juvenile diabetes charities as he was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 16. Here is hands down Yamin’s best Idol performance, “A Song for You”

Season Six: Melinda Doolittle I love me some her! Another Nashville girl, Melinda Doolittle was by far one of my favorite contestants ever. Like Joshua Ledet, it seemed like week to week, she could do no wrong. I’d say, to a degree, she was a bit railroaded out of the finals which consisted of Blake Lewis (what the hell does he do now!?!) and the last female winner, Jordin Sparks. In fact, when Simon Cowell appeared on Good Morning America, he said the season six title should have gone to Doolittle. Wow! One of the reasons I REALLY miss Simon. Post-Idol Doolittle’s recording career hasn’t been the best, but I love seeing her on TV Line writer Michael Slezak’s weekly web series, Idology. She also mourns the loss of Ledet in the competition. Here’s the performance that might have gotten her the ax…but I still love her!

Season Seven: Syesha Mercado Now that’s a name I did not remember. Syesha Mercado‘s post-Idol career? Thin. Much like Vonzell and Trias, Mercado is another one who just couldn’t quite break through after the show and Idols Live! tour. As you’ll see in her Wikipedia, she done some theater and that’s about it. Here’s one of her top 3 week performances, “If I Ain’t Got You”

Season Eight: Danny Gokey Surprisingly, Danny Gokey went country post-Idol. I always liked his voice, but it just got old by the end. And Gokey was one of the first contestants to bring a sad story along with him, his wife of 12 years died four weeks before he auditioned. I work in country radio, so I’m very familiar with Gokey’s first country single he put out in 2009, “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me”. As of November of last year, Gokey is no longer with RCA Nashville. Oh those glasses!

Season Nine: Casey James This is the only “White Guy With Guitar” in the competition I mildly enjoyed. Casey James came into Idol with rock and blues roots and he delivered just about every week. Another “White Guy With Guitar” would win season 9, where in the world is Lee DeWyze??? His only time in the bottom 3 was when he took on Shania Twain’s “Don’t”…huh? Post-Idol, Casey is only other Idol person besides Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Scotty McCreery to currently chart a single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”. It peaked at 21, not bad. His follow-up, “Crying on a Suitcase” is set to hit country radio in June. Here’s Casey in his Idol days with John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy”

Season Ten: Haley Reinhart Okay, here’s where I really didn’t care anymore. I never liked Haley Reinhart, sorry Steven Tyler and Michael Slezak. She’s another one who falls into the “weak” contestant category for me. Her growl made me angry, and what made me the most angry? When she pulled out a Lady GaGa song THAT HAD YET TO BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED by Mother Monster! The worst idea ever. But she had that whole “Led Zeppelin” thing on her side and she clawed her way into the top 3. Reinhart still has a major deal with Interscope/19, but I doubt she’ll keep it for very long. UGH! Though it pains me, here’s “You and I” from Idol.

So who will take the crown? And will Josh Ledet outsell him or her? Who’s your favorite 3rd placer?


Things That Went Bad In The Past Four Days

Am I’m not talking about the quarter of a half gallon of milk I dumped out today. We lost Donna Summer Thursday, but that was just the beginning. I only saw bits and pieces of last night’s Billboard Music Awards, but apparently, a tribute to four artists who passed away recently-Whitney Houston, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Summer, and Bee Gee Robin Gibb, who passed away Sunday from liver and stomach cancer complications, a singing tribute to Summer was cut short as Natasha Bedingfield was getting to the main beat of “Last Dance” and ABC went to commercial. I am VERY glad I didn’t see this live.

She will always deserve better!

Instead, I had to watch The Celebrity Apprentice live finale, which by the way was the lowest rated finale yet, and uh, it didn’t go the way I wanted. Quick recap, Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken were the final two and each had to set a fundraising event with a show element, and they had to each submit a PSA spotlighting their charities, Hall’s The Magic Johnson AIDS Foundation and Aiken’s, a charity he started, The National Inclusion Project. Arsenio’s PSA was doomed when Magic Johnson faced the wrong camera, but luckily the amateur crew had footage of Johnson facing the camera. I hate to say this, but Arsenio’s PSA was better and not because of star power. Clay’s needed more pizazz, and it just wasn’t as strong. When the fundraising began, Clay was pulling all kinds of people, mostly Claymates, in and at first Arsenio wasn’t seeing any money come in, then all of a sudden, Hall’s big checks started rolling in from Jay Leno (twice!), Eddie Murphy, George Lopez, etc. and Whoopi Goldberg made a personal appearance. Clay’s variety show was more entertaining since he had all the singers, although Aubrey O’Day CANNOT sing, no wonder she doesn’t actually have a legitimate singing career. And although Clay raised twice the money Arsenio did at their respective events, Mr. Trump crowned Arsenio Hall as the Celebrity Apprentice. Seriously?

Poised for a comeback?

On Friday, I discovered the story of Will Smith “bitch-slapping” a Russian reporter whilst he was promoting Men in Black 3, oh honey, don’t get me started on the Fresh Prince. I have never and I will never like or respect Will Smith. This incident is the icing on the cake. What’s ironic about this exchange, Smith once played a con man, who pretends to be gay in a film I liked, Six Degrees of Separation. I believe he was even naked in it and he totally made out with Anthony Michael Hall. Look it up. I guess Smith thought the reporter was going all “Travolta” on him. Take a look.

And of course the peace de resistance, we lost Robin Gibb, who was in a coma a few weeks ago, he woke up, and all thought he was going to make it. The Bee Gees are another group me and my parents have a very sentimental attachment to. My parents have always been all about the Bee Gees, from their 60’s hits to their 90’s comeback, they had the One for All Tour concert on a loop on our VCR. The Gibbs have faced many deaths. Little brother Andy died in 1988 and Robin’s twin Maurice died in in 2003 from a similar condition (a twisted intestine) that contributed to Robin’s death. Older brother and falsetto voice Barry is all that’s left of one of history’s biggest pop music legacies. Here’s a hit where Robin sings lead, “I Started a Joke”

Let’s hope this week is a little bit better.



I Love Donna Summer, I’m Speechless

This is my laptop wallpaper.

No More Tears

I just happened to find it one day and I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for but I bet it was Donna Summer-related. As soon as I read Summer had passed away today at 63, I couldn’t move, I started cross-checking different resources online, this is one music legend loss that is hitting me and my fellow Disco loving friends hard. Summer’s cause of death has not been officially disclosed, but initial reports are saying the disco diva succumbed to cancer.

My memories of Donna Summer are simple. I grew up in the late 70’s and I worshipped our stereo and record player. My Dad worked as a sports broadcaster at the local radio station, and although he never claimed the title “disc jockey” he brought home a lot of 45s the station was no longer using, plus, he was the DJ for many middle school dances over the years and one time, someone left behind a copy of Bad Girls.

Casablanca baby!

Casablanca Records was home to Summer, KISS (we had a lot of their 45s too), Lipps Inc. (“Funkytown”), the Village People, the Flashdance soundtrack in the early 80’s, and at one time, Cher. Vinyl is by no means dead, and the sound of a stylus and the scratches and pops have made so many lasting memories. I would give anything to break out this album one more time.

On The Radio

My parents and I knew every word of Summer’s greatest hits collection, On The Radio, and I became oddly attached to one track in particular, Summer’s duet with Barbra Streisand, “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)”; I literally played this song over and over and over. Can you honestly see a five-year-old GIRL playing two divas over and over??? That’s why the original name of my blog was “Gay Man Trapped in a Lesbian’s Body”. True story.  And although Thank God It’s Friday is one of the worst movies ever made, Donna Summer made it all better, cast as aspiring disco singer Nicole Sims. Though the bulk of my memories of Summer are from the late 70’s, I’ll never forget “She Works Hard For the Money”, “Romeo” (from Flashdance), “This Time I Know It’s For Real”, and “I Will Go With You.”

And although Summer performed “No More Tears..” live many times with other artists, I’ll always cling to the original, the LP I played over and over….

Rest in peace Donna Summer (1948-2012)

Three Albums I Will Be Purchasing Soon Or Sometime This Summer

May is when all media is at a fever pitch. TV season finales, new and returning TV shows start airing, the summer blockbuster season gets into full swing (although I don’t know what movie can outdo The Avengers) and, all kinds of new music is out there for the taking, well, buying. Here’s three I must get my hands on….

1. Adam Lambert: Trespassing

I miss the glittery outer space Adam

As of Tuesday, Trespassing is good to go. For all my cynical, asshole berating of American Idol, Adam Lambert has been by far my favorite in the past five years. As you recall, he didn’t win, but the winner (Kris Allen that season) always ends up being a bigger loser when it comes to album sales and overall staying power. Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, has achieved platinum status and any time an artist’s album and single sales are very good, he/she/they will be sticking around for a while. Although I’m not a fan of every single track I’ve heard, Lambert has included many more upbeat/dance tracks this time around. What I love about Glambert is that he’s not afraid to take a risk, and maybe more ex-Idols should do that. Losers!

2. Scissor Sisters: Magic Hour

Can you say “trippy”?

Yes, anything the Sisters do, I’m in! Less than two years after Night Work and a few concert dates opening for Lady GaGa, the Sisters return for another intellectual, if not gay-gay-gay, wild ride. When one of the tracks is entitled, “Let’s Have a KiKi”, oh yes. But here’s my continuing argument for the Sisters, I will never understand why they can’t break through to the mainstream. They have certainly achieved a cult status and they have a huge fan base, but radio programmers, in the US anyway, shy away. It’s 2012 people! And the last time I checked, a hell of lot of people LOVE to dance. As with Adam Lambert’s new album, at least two of the tracks on Magic Hour were co-written and produced by Pharrell Willams. Williams is the co-writer and producer of Lambert’s title track, “Trespassing” (one I don’t care for), but we’ll see what he’s got going on with the Sisters. Magic Hour will be in stores May 29th.

3. Garbage: Not Your Kind of People

Clean and direct

How long has it been since we’ve heard anything new from Garbage? Not counting 2008’s greatest hits collection Absolute Garbage, it’s been six years! However a band like Garbage can take off like that, but not for too long. Drummer Butch Vig was last seen as producer of one of my favorite rock records of last year, Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light. Shirley Manson dabbled in acting, I still regret not tuning in for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it ran for two abbreviated seasons. Oh well. One major change, this new album is on Garbage’s own label, STUNVOLUME, so maybe they took their time in order to get more creative control. I’ve only heard “Blood for Poppies” and I loved it. Not Your Kind of People was also released this week.


Generation Beyond Y Are Not Goonies Fans?!?

I received a text this afternoon from my sister that troubled me. It said: “The kids at school have no appreciation for ‘The Goonies'”. You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me! My sister (born in 1981) is a high school teacher, so the kids she teaches were roughly born give or take a year, between 1994 and 1998. I’m part of Generation X, my sister? Generation Y. Now the Wikipedia definition states the Generation Y kids were born between 1980-1999, or before the new Millennium. However, Generation X kids may border on being born no later than 1982. This is all filler, but I’m getting to a point.

Is this blog a booty trap?

How can your average 15-year-old in 2012 NOT appreciate The Goonies? It’s Spielberg, it’s got kids cussing, it’s a fun adventure, it’s got the Truffle Shuffle, these kids today don’t know what they’re missing. When I saw it the first time, me and my friends had to sit in the front row at our local theater, not the big city one 20 miles away, the LOCAL theater. I guess I was not quite 10 when it was released. Hell, the stars were all in their teens-early 20s, except Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk. Though we were led to believe he was in high school, Cohen was 10 during the entire time of shooting. He fooled a lot of people.

Maybe the teens of today, when they’re not texting or iPodding, appreciate something more wholesome. Yeah, that theory doesn’t work either.

Destiny is her snake charmer name.

I guess I have no idea what kids are into. They still want to drive as soon as they turn 16 (in Kentucky), they might want jobs (HA!), and they get more action than I have in all of my adult life (pathetic!). Maybe it’s the whole ADHD craze. I’m pretty sure I’m that way, because I’ve never been able to sit still, but damnit, The Goonies held my full attention. I’m pretty sure these kids have rarely cracked a book. It’s sad I’m only now, at 36, catching up on all the reading I should have done when I was in school. Education is not important to Generation, on let’s call them Generation Z, as in Zip, Zilch, Zero, Zapata! and it’s why their minds can’t even handle the misadventures of a group of misfits or a catchy Cyndi Lauper soundtrack tune from 1985. Oh yeah, let’s see it! The long version!

GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE! Neither does “Rowdy” Roddy Piper…

So Long Pan Am And GCB (Frowny Face)

All the major networks brought down the hammer hard this week and two of my ABC favorites will not pass go. Well, I watched about six episodes of Fox’s Alcatraz (also cancelled) and I decided I didn’t have the time to keep up with it AKA I was bored. I bid farewell to:

Strut one last time ladies and gents!

Pan Am was doomed from the start, and mostly because the Disney-owned network prohibited smoking on the show. Yes, a show set in 1963 didn’t show one character puffing away on a Parliament. I saw maybe two scenes where cigarettes were extinguished. Damn you Mad Men! The acting was sub par, and I love Christina Ricci, but I’m not sure she was right for the show. All the other actors are not unknown, however, it would have helped if at least one A-list star had landed in the cast. Plus, the next to last episode was really meant to air in November. JFK was assassinated (who didn’t see that coming?) and the characters were all left at various “crossroads”. Maybe America isn’t ready for a 60s nostalgia overload, again, damn you Mad Men.

The next show replaced Pan Am in the 9pm (Central) slot…

Annie Potts is fierce!

I was a little afraid going into GCB, but when I saw Robert Harling, who gave the world the timeless Steel Magnolias, was going to be serving as a creator, writer, and producer, my faith was restored. This show suffered an early title crisis. The original Kim Gatlin book the series is based on is called Good Christian Bitches, GASP! (it’s that Disney thing again) so the name of the series was originally changed to Good Christian Belles, but somehow, the name ended up being just an acronym. Weird. The cast was good, anchored by Leslie Bibb as the former mean girl who crawls back to her Texas hometown only to find the girls she tormented in high school (Miriam Shor, Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols, and Kristin Chenoweth) decide to give her a taste of her own medicine. I’ll tell you the moment I definitely made up my mind to watch it, seeing Annie Potts in a promo cocking a shotgun one-handed! Oh yeah! There was a bit of controversy over the way some viewers and critics saw the comical characterization of Christianity. Chenoweth, who is a devout Christian, fired back at the critics by simply saying don’t take it too seriously, it’s a TV show. I’m all about a show set in the South, and it was terribly cheesy, but I enjoyed it. Now ABC has to come up with something that can fill that 9pm (Central) time slot and something that consistently performs well in the ratings. Good luck!

One other note. Fox has yet to decide the fate of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show. The network has already renewed Family Guy and my personal favorite American Dad! so it will be odd if Cleveland Brown can’t rejoin the gang. Personally, I don’t care for The Cleveland Show, it’s basically the same schtick as Family Guy, there’s just different characters.

I’m sad, but I’ll get over it, and I’ve yet to watch the GCB finale. I may have to save it for prosperity.

Canadian Bank Notes Are Downright Loonie!

Okay, I normally wouldn’t write two posts in one day, but this story is too good not to blog about. Today, the Bank of Canada unveiled their new 20 dollar bank note (no dolla bills for the Canucks!) and it’s kind of neat.

That’s “Your Majesty” bitch!

What you see is the backside of the note. I love a good Queen Elizabeth II portrait! But what I didn’t realize is that Canada and many other countries in the world print their bank notes on polymer, it’s the one thing the rest of the world has a leg up on the US in, damn them! Those back bacon eaters and their fancy money, don’t get me started. What new dollar, sorry, bank note design is not met with a little controversy? The 20 is being called “pornographic” and you’ll see another image that’s often frowned upon.

Looks suspicious eh?

I don’t see what’s wrong with some naked chicks, but I can see why the towers may be seen as reminder of the World Trade Center. I’m just glad the Queen is there to make it all better. Now inside the frosted maple leaf on either side of the note is set of invisible images of the number 20, it’s on all the notes. If you do this, you’ll see them.

I spy Alan Thicke.

If you want to see the 20 in action, here’s an informative video from the Bank of Canda (if I could riff this I would rip it to shreds!)

Until you put her:

Or him

Or HELLO! her on a bank note

Canada, consider me skeptical and offended…

President Obama Finally Supports Gay Marriage: Now What?

I’ve promised myself time and again I would not write a politically-themed post, because my views are very “middle of the road” or “iffy”, but President Obama’s announcement has forced me to take another look at what the impact will be six months from now. Is Obama now guaranteed a second term? That’s still up in the air, but his chances of getting my vote have increased and I’ve never been in a relationship long enough to even consider talk about getting married. Obama’s support of gay marriage has made gay Hollywood happy again. Yes, they were not happy with the President, but I’m sure they were planning on voting for him anyway.

But why is Obama doing this now? And more importantly, why did he not take a stand prior to Tuesday’s North Carolina vote to ban same-sex marriage? It’s a little ill-timed for me. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve lived in Kentucky my entire life, and, I will probably die here; my state voted to ban same-sex marriage in 2004, and believe me I begged my parents and my sister to vote no. I have no idea what they ended up doing. The day a Southern state votes in favor of gay marriage is the day I’ll run naked through the streets and I’ll be more than happy to do it. In other words, I’m used to the Southern/Bible Belt way of thinking, but does Obama change anyone’s mind in the South? Probably not. Being a forward-thinking person in a backward-thinking place is not a easy thing to deal with, but whether I live here or New York, I’ll always be a proud member of the LGBTQ nation.

Here’s the downside to the President’s announcement. There is no pending national referendum and I believe individual states still have the right to vote for or against an issue (see North Carolina). The scrutiny Obama will be under will now be at a fever pitch, especially since the election is getting closer and closer. So what did presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney have to say? He’s not budging. And I doubt he will. Isn’t that they way it should be? Obama supports it, Romney doesn’t. It’s not brain surgery. Even if Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts, the first state to allow same-sex marriage. Gotcha! Moderation is a beautiful thing, but equality would be even better.

‘Nuff said