GTL: The Next Generation Or Meet The Real Leatherface

Everyday, the internets are full of “WTF?” stories and this one takes the cake, if at least for one day. Meet New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil (if you ever need a word that rhymes with “pencil”, you’re in luck!) who was arrested for taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her. Yet…by now, her daughter, who is pale as I am and she sunburns easy, is NOT the real story.

Here’s a true story. When I was in grade school in the 80’s, we had a secretary who didn’t look much different than Mrs. Krentcil. I never really asked about her, but I remember my Mom, who knew her, said she took “tanning pills”. Back then, the dangers of tanning booths and natural sunbathing were not as prevalent as they are now. But when you hear the term “tanning pills”, what do you think of?

Holy shit! That does not look real!

Yes, the 1986 film that would not go over well in today’s politically correct world, Soul Man. If I recall correctly, C. Thomas Howell‘s career started to tank after this epic fail. For those who need a refresher, Howell plays Mark Watson, who wants to go to Harvard Law School so bad (he doesn’t have the money) on a full scholarship, he takes bronzing/tanning pills to appear to be black and he lands the scholarship. Were we that naive in the 80’s? Apparently so. Anyways, back to Krentcil.

I thought the picture was fake, because, yes, they are many tanorexics out there, but how many look like they just came out of a coal mine or they look like they are fresh off a minstrel audition. When I saw the picture, I posted a copy to Facebook with the caption, “Whoopi was so good on GLEE last night!” Chuckle, chuckle. And didn’t one of Whoopi’s exes (Ted Danson) appear in black face at a roast honoring her?

Oddly enough, she didn’t care.

Seriously, this isn’t about black face, but I was dumbstruck over Mrs. Krentcil’s appearance. She is schooling the Jersey Shore cast in GTL for sure. And forgive me, but one more clip I thought of, see at the 2:49 mark.


Tanning is bad, that is all.


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