Samantha Ronson Sings

“See, I can smile!”

No, no smart ass remarks in the title. I’ve reserved them for the body of this blog. First of all, you are asking yourself, “why do I know that scowl-like smile?” That my friends is Samantha Ronson, who is known for two things: 1. She banged Lindsay Lohan and 2. She’s a DJ. In fact, hot off the press, Sam and Lindsay may be getting back together. Lohan is one smart cookie, take all the attention away from her on-again/off-again girlfriend’s blossoming singing career. Don’t worry, Lohan has done us all a great service.

So, singing? Yes. Ronson may be helped in her current venture due to the fact her older brother, Mark Ronson, is a much sought after producer and musician. He’s worked with the late Amy Winehouse (I still miss her!), Boy George, Duran Duran, and as of late, he produced Rufus Wainwright’s just released album, Out of the Game. Sam has a twin sister, Charlotte, who is a fashion designer. And the Ronsons’ stepfather is Foreigner’s Mick Jones. But does all of this give Samantha the license to make our ears bleed? No, but I guess we’ll have to put up with it temporarily.

Ronson and her band, the Undertakers (not kidding!), made their TV debut Wednesday on Live! With Kelly, and why that show? It’s probably the only one who agreed to book her. This doesn’t mean the experiment will rear its ugly head elsewhere, because certain late night shows are more accepting of alternative acts. And boy! is this alternative. Once you see this performance, you won’t feel so guilty about berating all of those reality singing competitions, it’s a hobby of mine. This clip also includes a little q&a session with Ronson; I admire Kelly Ripa, she just praises and praises, but that’s what’s she paid to do. If every talk show host was a cynical asshole, and this is why I’ll NEVER be one, the world might be a better place. Behold, if you can stand it, “Summer of Sam”




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