A T-Shirt-Less May The Fourth For Yours Truly

Okay, let me clarify…I am wearing a t-shirt, but it’s not Star Wars-related; yes, I was unprepared for 5/4/12. At one time, I possessed two Empire Strikes Back tees and one Star Wars ringer tee. I now only have one Empire tee and one long-sleeved Empire tee seen here:

I’m on the left, last Halloween at work, I went as a nerd, obviously.

However, Spring has finally sprung with consistently warmer temperatures and the long-sleever has gone away into storage. I think I wore it just last week, when the highs were between the upper 60s-lower 70s. But that was last week and I was unaware May the 4th was this week. More I forgot than I was unaware. Shame! And although we should celebrate all things Star Wars 366 days (adjusted for 2012) a year, I’m still angry I forgot the one day everyone nerds completely out. So, let’s take a look at some cool Star Wars tees I would like to own and wear next year. That is if the Mayans are wrong.

I actually had this design on my first Empire tee, but it’s long gone, it was navy, but I like the color of this one.

A nice classic design with focus on the Millennium Falcon and various Tie Fighters. I don’t wear enough black.

Ah, a novelty shirt mocking Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster I actually like it.

The rare Return of the Jedi tee and let’s be honest, not a lot of love is spread for the final chapter. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any Jabba shirts.

Yes! A spawn of all those “Jesus is my Homeboy” tees and trucker caps. Wear it I would.

My ringer tee had this design. It includes all the essentials of the story, I love it.

Another novelty tee, it’s a nice departure from all the Darth Vader “Who’s your daddy?” malarkey.

I better save up and May the Fourth be with you!


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