Yep, I Saw The Avengers Too

If you didn’t see The Avengers this weekend, you were probably the only one. The blockbuster set the record for the biggest opening ever, netting $207.4* million. It’s already grossed nearly $400 million worldwide which sets the pace for a huge box-office take, but will it break the all-time record? Maybe. I was impressed.

I’m usually not a superhero movie type of gal. In fact the only movie related to the characters in The Avengers I saw was Iron Man 2 and I loved it. Robert Downey, Jr. has definitely found his niche in Tony Stark/Iron Man. I never saw either Hulk movie, so I only have Mark Ruffalo’s new Hulk to go on and I liked it. When I keep reading various friends’ glowing reviews of the film, I keep seeing director Joss Whedon as a big part of the conversation. Here’s another confession, I haven’t seen much of Whedon’s previous work. I know, I’m a very bad nerd! I know he directed two episodes of The Office, including “Business School” in which a bat becomes trapped in the office and Dwight and Creed are determined to protect their fellow Dunder Mifflin employees. “You’re welcome.”

What makes The Avengers successful is its mix of big-time action and occasional hilarious wit. Again, you can thank Downey, Jr. for that. When the movie ended the other night, my friend told me we had to stay for the entire closing credits. Unless there’s a gag reel, I HATE staying for the closing credits. However, the last gag in The Avengers is genius! No spoilers, you have to see it. And hell I might see it again….

They’ve got the power!

*Updated figure

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