That’s Not The Austin Reed I Remember

I rarely watch soap operas anymore. One, I have the time, but it’s so exhausting keeping up with story lines and various casting changes. Two, I have at least six programs sitting in my DVR I’ve yet to watch, one of them is from almost a month ago. Who knew I would procrastinate when it came to TV? Occasionally, I’ll pop in on some old favorites like General Hospital (if ABC is smart, it won’t eliminate its last soap) and Days of Our Lives. All soap operas are sensational (DUH!) and some are just downright ridiculous, and Days outside of the canceled Passions may be one of the most unbelievable.

Yesterday, I decided to indulge in Salem, because I had seen a very hot promo, and I do mean hot, where a big group of main characters are killed. My brother-in-law, who has watched Days since college (what’s up with guys doing that?) is obsessed, and he records every single episode. My sister has had no choice but to give and watch it too. I watched it for a while myself when I was in college. All that free time and nothing to do. Now soaps are notorious for re-casting key roles, and in ratings periods, they bring back the original actors who played their famous roles. Example, as I was watching Days on Monday, I noticed Lisa Rinna is back as Billie Reed, and she was in a scene with a guy I was not familiar with. I soon figured out it was Billie’s brother Austin. BUT, it was NOT the Austin I remembered from watching 10+ years ago, I remember this guy…

Ironically, his name, Austin Peck

However, this is who is now playing Austin…


Yes, I soon learned through some avid Days fans and friends of mine, Patrick Muldoon originated the role of Austin Reed. I was let down. And mostly because Austin didn’t seem as manly as I remembered, he was a boxer for God’s sake! It’s not that I’m taking anything away from the Starship Troopers star, but what the hell is going on?

We don’t always get what we want, even when we really didn’t want it in the first place.


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