Canadian Bank Notes Are Downright Loonie!

Okay, I normally wouldn’t write two posts in one day, but this story is too good not to blog about. Today, the Bank of Canada unveiled their new 20 dollar bank note (no dolla bills for the Canucks!) and it’s kind of neat.

That’s “Your Majesty” bitch!

What you see is the backside of the note. I love a good Queen Elizabeth II portrait! But what I didn’t realize is that Canada and many other countries in the world print their bank notes on polymer, it’s the one thing the rest of the world has a leg up on the US in, damn them! Those back bacon eaters and their fancy money, don’t get me started. What new dollar, sorry, bank note design is not met with a little controversy? The 20 is being called “pornographic” and you’ll see another image that’s often frowned upon.

Looks suspicious eh?

I don’t see what’s wrong with some naked chicks, but I can see why the towers may be seen as reminder of the World Trade Center. I’m just glad the Queen is there to make it all better. Now inside the frosted maple leaf on either side of the note is set of invisible images of the number 20, it’s on all the notes. If you do this, you’ll see them.

I spy Alan Thicke.

If you want to see the 20 in action, here’s an informative video from the Bank of Canda (if I could riff this I would rip it to shreds!)

Until you put her:

Or him

Or HELLO! her on a bank note

Canada, consider me skeptical and offended…


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