So Long Pan Am And GCB (Frowny Face)

All the major networks brought down the hammer hard this week and two of my ABC favorites will not pass go. Well, I watched about six episodes of Fox’s Alcatraz (also cancelled) and I decided I didn’t have the time to keep up with it AKA I was bored. I bid farewell to:

Strut one last time ladies and gents!

Pan Am was doomed from the start, and mostly because the Disney-owned network prohibited smoking on the show. Yes, a show set in 1963 didn’t show one character puffing away on a Parliament. I saw maybe two scenes where cigarettes were extinguished. Damn you Mad Men! The acting was sub par, and I love Christina Ricci, but I’m not sure she was right for the show. All the other actors are not unknown, however, it would have helped if at least one A-list star had landed in the cast. Plus, the next to last episode was really meant to air in November. JFK was assassinated (who didn’t see that coming?) and the characters were all left at various “crossroads”. Maybe America isn’t ready for a 60s nostalgia overload, again, damn you Mad Men.

The next show replaced Pan Am in the 9pm (Central) slot…

Annie Potts is fierce!

I was a little afraid going into GCB, but when I saw Robert Harling, who gave the world the timeless Steel Magnolias, was going to be serving as a creator, writer, and producer, my faith was restored. This show suffered an early title crisis. The original Kim Gatlin book the series is based on is called Good Christian Bitches, GASP! (it’s that Disney thing again) so the name of the series was originally changed to Good Christian Belles, but somehow, the name ended up being just an acronym. Weird. The cast was good, anchored by Leslie Bibb as the former mean girl who crawls back to her Texas hometown only to find the girls she tormented in high school (Miriam Shor, Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols, and Kristin Chenoweth) decide to give her a taste of her own medicine. I’ll tell you the moment I definitely made up my mind to watch it, seeing Annie Potts in a promo cocking a shotgun one-handed! Oh yeah! There was a bit of controversy over the way some viewers and critics saw the comical characterization of Christianity. Chenoweth, who is a devout Christian, fired back at the critics by simply saying don’t take it too seriously, it’s a TV show. I’m all about a show set in the South, and it was terribly cheesy, but I enjoyed it. Now ABC has to come up with something that can fill that 9pm (Central) time slot and something that consistently performs well in the ratings. Good luck!

One other note. Fox has yet to decide the fate of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show. The network has already renewed Family Guy and my personal favorite American Dad! so it will be odd if Cleveland Brown can’t rejoin the gang. Personally, I don’t care for The Cleveland Show, it’s basically the same schtick as Family Guy, there’s just different characters.

I’m sad, but I’ll get over it, and I’ve yet to watch the GCB finale. I may have to save it for prosperity.


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