I Love Donna Summer, I’m Speechless

This is my laptop wallpaper.

No More Tears

I just happened to find it one day and I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for but I bet it was Donna Summer-related. As soon as I read Summer had passed away today at 63, I couldn’t move, I started cross-checking different resources online, this is one music legend loss that is hitting me and my fellow Disco loving friends hard. Summer’s cause of death has not been officially disclosed, but initial reports are saying the disco diva succumbed to cancer.

My memories of Donna Summer are simple. I grew up in the late 70’s and I worshipped our stereo and record player. My Dad worked as a sports broadcaster at the local radio station, and although he never claimed the title “disc jockey” he brought home a lot of 45s the station was no longer using, plus, he was the DJ for many middle school dances over the years and one time, someone left behind a copy of Bad Girls.

Casablanca baby!

Casablanca Records was home to Summer, KISS (we had a lot of their 45s too), Lipps Inc. (“Funkytown”), the Village People, the Flashdance soundtrack in the early 80’s, and at one time, Cher. Vinyl is by no means dead, and the sound of a stylus and the scratches and pops have made so many lasting memories. I would give anything to break out this album one more time.

On The Radio

My parents and I knew every word of Summer’s greatest hits collection, On The Radio, and I became oddly attached to one track in particular, Summer’s duet with Barbra Streisand, “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)”; I literally played this song over and over and over. Can you honestly see a five-year-old GIRL playing two divas over and over??? That’s why the original name of my blog was “Gay Man Trapped in a Lesbian’s Body”. True story.  And although Thank God It’s Friday is one of the worst movies ever made, Donna Summer made it all better, cast as aspiring disco singer Nicole Sims. Though the bulk of my memories of Summer are from the late 70’s, I’ll never forget “She Works Hard For the Money”, “Romeo” (from Flashdance), “This Time I Know It’s For Real”, and “I Will Go With You.”

And although Summer performed “No More Tears..” live many times with other artists, I’ll always cling to the original, the LP I played over and over….

Rest in peace Donna Summer (1948-2012)


One thought on “I Love Donna Summer, I’m Speechless

  1. I found out at work, and everybody went crazy. Like a jackass, it took this to happen for me to realize how many great songs she’d done (idiot award, I know). Great post.

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