Things That Went Bad In The Past Four Days

Am I’m not talking about the quarter of a half gallon of milk I dumped out today. We lost Donna Summer Thursday, but that was just the beginning. I only saw bits and pieces of last night’s Billboard Music Awards, but apparently, a tribute to four artists who passed away recently-Whitney Houston, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Summer, and Bee Gee Robin Gibb, who passed away Sunday from liver and stomach cancer complications, a singing tribute to Summer was cut short as Natasha Bedingfield was getting to the main beat of “Last Dance” and ABC went to commercial. I am VERY glad I didn’t see this live.

She will always deserve better!

Instead, I had to watch The Celebrity Apprentice live finale, which by the way was the lowest rated finale yet, and uh, it didn’t go the way I wanted. Quick recap, Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken were the final two and each had to set a fundraising event with a show element, and they had to each submit a PSA spotlighting their charities, Hall’s The Magic Johnson AIDS Foundation and Aiken’s, a charity he started, The National Inclusion Project. Arsenio’s PSA was doomed when Magic Johnson faced the wrong camera, but luckily the amateur crew had footage of Johnson facing the camera. I hate to say this, but Arsenio’s PSA was better and not because of star power. Clay’s needed more pizazz, and it just wasn’t as strong. When the fundraising began, Clay was pulling all kinds of people, mostly Claymates, in and at first Arsenio wasn’t seeing any money come in, then all of a sudden, Hall’s big checks started rolling in from Jay Leno (twice!), Eddie Murphy, George Lopez, etc. and Whoopi Goldberg made a personal appearance. Clay’s variety show was more entertaining since he had all the singers, although Aubrey O’Day CANNOT sing, no wonder she doesn’t actually have a legitimate singing career. And although Clay raised twice the money Arsenio did at their respective events, Mr. Trump crowned Arsenio Hall as the Celebrity Apprentice. Seriously?

Poised for a comeback?

On Friday, I discovered the story of Will Smith “bitch-slapping” a Russian reporter whilst he was promoting Men in Black 3, oh honey, don’t get me started on the Fresh Prince. I have never and I will never like or respect Will Smith. This incident is the icing on the cake. What’s ironic about this exchange, Smith once played a con man, who pretends to be gay in a film I liked, Six Degrees of Separation. I believe he was even naked in it and he totally made out with Anthony Michael Hall. Look it up. I guess Smith thought the reporter was going all “Travolta” on him. Take a look.

And of course the peace de resistance, we lost Robin Gibb, who was in a coma a few weeks ago, he woke up, and all thought he was going to make it. The Bee Gees are another group me and my parents have a very sentimental attachment to. My parents have always been all about the Bee Gees, from their 60’s hits to their 90’s comeback, they had the One for All Tour concert on a loop on our VCR. The Gibbs have faced many deaths. Little brother Andy died in 1988 and Robin’s twin Maurice died in in 2003 from a similar condition (a twisted intestine) that contributed to Robin’s death. Older brother and falsetto voice Barry is all that’s left of one of history’s biggest pop music legacies. Here’s a hit where Robin sings lead, “I Started a Joke”

Let’s hope this week is a little bit better.




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