The Killing, My Bandwagon Stops Here

Me watching the finale (

Ah, if I could only turn back time and my parents’ film projector didn’t break. That’s how I feel about The Killing and the conclusion of season 2. I know I probably already wrote about my frustrations (and everybody else’s) about the end of season 1, yet I decided to give AMC another chance. As painful and as time-consuming as it was, I HAD to know who killed Rosie Larsen.


I have to give it to AMC. They put up this “Suspect Tracker” in season 1 and it has stayed up through this season. Another clever device, it seemed every single episode laid the blame at one or more character’s feet. The whole “everyone’s a suspect” idea if you will. After every episode, you were hell-bent on putting the blame on Mayor Adams or Gwen or Rosie’s teacher (I thought that one had legs) or even, Linden’s partner Holder?!? I was convince he had something to do with the murder midway through season 1 and then he hid the backpack this season, what’s up with that? Holder turned out to be the glue that held tracking the suspect together; Linden was relentless and she finally deduced Rosie’s Aunt Terry, who was living with the family the whole time, put the campaign car in drive with Rosie still alive in the trunk, thus Terry killed her own niece. But wait! Creator Veena Sud didn’t let us off that easy. Richmond’s right hand campaign man Jamie brutally beat Rosie when he thought she heard all about his dirty plan to guarantee Richmond would win the election. Twenty minutes into the episode, I thought game-set-match, yawn.

I was only impressed by one scene in the finale. Linden leaves Rosie’s final film at the Larsens’ new house, they turn it on, and my eyes almost started to leak. We are all reminded Rosie was just a girl on the verge of starting her life and seeing the world. I think it’s the perfect end to the series, because seriously, what happens next?

We’ll see in 2013.


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