Thanks To Dance Moms, Helen Keller Is Hot Again

DISCLAIMER: If you are over-sensitive or if you take things too seriously, okay those mean the same thing, stop reading now! What I am writing about is meant to be humorous (maybe) and it is not intended to take away the many remarkable accomplishments of Helen Keller. As this video shows, Keller could communicate with great ease.

All right, here we go. As all of many of my readers know, I’m a huge (no pun intended) Dance Moms fan. Abby Lee Miller is a dream reality star and her creative decision for Maddie to portray Helen Keller in her solo? I have to confess, I almost spit a mouthful of apple juice out when the subject was proposed. Abby has had her controversial routines, Nia as “Laquifa”, “Where Have the Children Gone”, and last week’s zombie routine which sadly did not score well. Regular viewers will remember Maddie had a meltdown in last season’s finale and her confidence was shattered going into this season, well, Maddie is back doing solos and I think this one is good. I think the name Helen Keller just makes me laugh, we’ll get to that in a moment, here’s Maddie, video courtesy of Lifetime.

So did Maddie win her division? No spoilers, I’m not telling! But after last night’s episode, it got me thinking, “what is so damn funny about Helen Keller?” I think the concept of a deaf and blind person is what appeals to the comedians out there, again, I don’t think it’s intended to just railroad her as a person and her legacy. Then I remembered that little episode of South Park where the boys and their fellow fourth graders stage “Helen Keller ! The Musical” for Thanksgiving, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any clips, I’m very upset, but I’m sure this image will refresh your memory. Yes, Timmy as Helen.

And who could forget this viral video from YouTube of an actress as Keller in The Miracle Worker who was into her character so well…

Yet, her scene mates picked her right back up and they carried on as if nothing happened. Where was the Tony committee on that night?

Helen Keller rules!


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